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haleighKYRONTwo children vanished within a year of each other, one last seen by her father’s live in girlfriend and the other last seen by her step mother. In both cases, the debate on social media was intense and divided. Theories and accusations abounded. Personal attacks against those close to the child as well as those within the true crime social media community intensified.

As time passed, the debates and accusations diminished as both cases went cold and attention faded.

Then a strange thing happened. There were a few who still had questions about the fate of Haleigh Cummings, the first of the two children who vanished. Those who still had hope she was alive were mocked. “She is dead, deal with it” stated one blogger.

Things are different, however, in the case of Kyron Horman. It is assumed that he is dead as well, but recently the talk on true crime social media by various parties questions that belief. Another development is the intensity of the debate and the obsession over his fate and the alleged involvement of those around him.

Rather than fading into obscurity the way Haleigh Cummings has, the interest in Kyron has intensified far beyond what was the case when he first came to the attention of the true crime social media community so many years ago.

Do not mistake my commentary for I feel that people should never stop asking questions about what is the fate of a missing child and that hope that the child is still alive should never fade.

What I am addressing here is the polar opposite attitudes of certain parties when it comes to c0nclusions about the fate of each child in these two cases. The same parties that declare that it is wrong to obsess over the fate of Haleigh Cummings are obsessing over the fate of  Kyron Horman.

The true crime social media community has turned into an arena where a jockeying for a position of power and influence is taking place at the cost of honest and ethical debate. Rather than try and find the answers as to the fate of each of these missing children, the members of the true crime social media community have instead, resorted to personal attacks and smears.

The true crime social media is in a state of decay. People are giving up and leaving in droves. Their source of information is once again the mainstream media who are the ultimate victors.

The mainstream media has dodged the bullet and have become the victors. The threat of bloggers and forums taking the public’s interest away from the mainstream media was diminished by those who are greedy for power and influence. 

Rather than unite for a common cause, the members of the social media community fight each other for power and influence.

Those so called true crime social media community “leaders” have shown themselves to be the immature fools the mainstream media accused them of being.

A hope for a united front in the quest for finding answers to why children are missing has been lost due to these immature fools.

Stay tuned