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haleighI was made aware, that once again a certain blogger felt it necessary to mention me by name in a  recent article on it’s hate blog. The one thing the blogger stated struck me as rather odd. The blogger denied having anything to do with the fate of Haleigh Cummings and went on to state that the Cummings family had moved on.

KYRONWhat the blogger FAILED to mention is that, as I pointed out in my blog is that the other missing child’s family had NOT moved on and were, in fact, highly active in finding out where the child is and bringing the killer to justice.

The backgrounds of the families are quite similar. Members of both families have troubling backgrounds including those who are named as suspects in the fates of the children and both are accused of having information that they have refused to disclose.

The denial of any involvement in the fate of Haleigh by the blogger is suspect for the simple reason that NOBODY including PCSO has any idea of who the blogger is. The blogger has written certain “facts” in claiming who it is, where it lives, it’s current occupation and so forth.

In all these years the blogger has not offered any kind of proof of the so called facts. No photos no irl name, nothing. Outside perhaps one or two people whose honesty is in question, who have claimed to met the blogger in person NOBODY has any idea of who the blogger is or if the person even exists.

Many believe that the blogger username is actually a shared account used by several individuals and that many of the “authors” on that blog are “sock names” as well.

The lead law enforcement agency in charge of investigating Haleigh’s case have no idea who the person is.

The blogger in question has gone through an elaborate process to hide their identity. Because of this, it would be an expensive process for law enforcement to track this person down (PROVIDED THERE IS SUCH A PERSON) to determine if its denial is, in fact, valid.

One final point. Florida has one of the most liberal open records laws in this country. IF there had been an investigation into one or more “anonymous” individuals regarding Haleigh, it would be a matter of public record. There is none regarding an anonymous blogger from either another state or country.

Unless or until that blogger is able to PROVE that it had nothing to do with what happened to Haleigh and is investigated by law enforcement, its denial is invalid.

Stay tuned