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I have been following the recent battle between former hero Kyanonymous and a blog/forum that has been calling him to task for his conduct over the past couple of years.

Things came to a head within the last 24 hours when he was accused of making statements that included the posting of personal information and threats of bodily harm against a single woman with a child.

I am also equally concerned that those running the blog/forum in question do not realize that they may be pushing him to the breaking point and the result may be that he does something out of desperation.

It is one thing to threaten certain actions but it is another thing to act on them. Unfortunately He has crossed a line and it may be time for the authorities to step in and deal with his actions. With his federal case rumored to be due to go to trial this fall, Mr Lostutter is not helping matters by engaging in these careless actions.

For his own good and for the good of the public at large, it might be wise for those who live in the area where he lives to report his actions to the appropriate authorities. In addition, the Columbus, Ohio office of the FBI and State Atty should be contacted as they are handling the prosecution of the federal charges against him..

Also, those running the blog/forum that is criticizing him might want to use due caution in order to prevent him being pushed into doing something rash.

People have varying levels before they reach a breaking point and engage in violent actions. It is beginning to look like Kyanonymous is reaching his.

Stay tuned