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firedteacherI was dismayed when I came across this story of a teacher who had her third class students send a convicted cop killer get well wishes and cards to the prison where he is serving a life sentence.


My dismay did not end there as there is more to the story than this teacher being fired for what most would have agreed was a seriously bad mistake in judgement on the part of the teacher.

It turns out that the termination of the teacher is not the end of the story but is, instead, just the beginning.

The teacher is, in fact, appealing the decision of the school board and is fighting to get her job back. The teacher also has the support of not only many in her community but a large number of fellow educators and members of the public at large.

teachtweetIt is hard to understand why someone would support this kind of affront against the law enforcement officer who was killed by this person. It is also hard to understand why third graders would be asked to do such a thing.

The teacher’s excuse is that she was trying to teach her students compassion. I am sorry but I do not buy it. The teacher’s actions were wrong in every sense of the word.

This is yet another example of the increased drifting away from the basics of education and drifting towards political and personal agendas being introduced into the classroom. The fact that this was being done to third graders is even more startling.

It has been the trend for generations that political activism usually starts either late in high school or in the nation’s colleges and universities.

In most cases the activism has been led by the students and not so much by their educators.

fselementryHaving something of this nature being introduced as early as the third grade is just plain wrong. It should be the duty of educators to teach the basics, reading writing and arithmetic to the lower grade students and leave the “political sciences” to be taught in colleges and universities.

It is time to stop Indoctrinating students and to start educating them.

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