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Monthly Archives: June 2015

trailcam1The one thing that might trip up the two escaped convicts is a trail camera. Trail cameras are used by hunters and nature lovers to take videos and images of wildlife. The cameras are activated by motion detectors.

trailcam2Some trail cameras are equipped with infrared cameras that do not display a flash when images are taken at night. The cameras are also hidden and have camouflage covers that make them hard to see. It is likely that the convicts are unaware of their presence.

Information is also coming out that aircraft searches are including image mapping of suspected areas that also employ infrared imaging to see if they can spot the convicts out in the open.

escapedLaw enforcement is asking the owners of trail cameras to check them to see if they might have caught the images of the escaped convicts.

Stay tuned


caseydrunkSometime back I made a statement that I felt that the Casey Boycotters were out for the truth about what happened to Caylee. It turns out that I was wrong. A recent post to me by one of the prominent leaders of the boycott effort made their message quite clear:

Boycotters are not waiting to find out what happened to Caylee. We KNOW what happened to her….CASEY MURDERED HER!

The boycotters want NO interview of Casey. They do not want Casey to receive ANY attention. They certainly do not want monies to be made off of Caylee in any way shape or form.

They want Casey to be “she who shall not be named.”

It is obvious that any interview by NBC or any other network would involve paying Casey for her time. While the lawyers in the civil cases against Casey are wanting to hear what she has to say, the boycotters clearly do not.

The boycott efforts remain active as they are contacting various media outlets and their sponsors to make their message heard.

As to what effect their efforts will have, only time will tell.

Stay tuned


victoria sOrlando Florida media outlets are reporting that the death of Victoria Seigel may have been a suicide as a result of cyber bullying. According to a statement by her father David Seigel, Victoria was sent a horrific message by someone who had obtained her boyfriend’s cellphone and impersonated him. It was shortly afterword that Victoria was found by a member of the staff at their 65 million dollar home.


jsfbThis statement appeared on Mrs. Seigel’s Facebook account:

Mr. Seigel further stated that he will “deal with the matter” once the grief over the loss of their daughter subsides.

seigalhouseNow that a Billionaire’s family has been the victim of cyber abuse rather than those who do not have the resources to fight this ever growing problem, perhaps pressure will be brought on legislators and law enforcement to deal with a problem that is ruining an increasing number of lives and has caused other victims to take the drastic action that Victoria apparently has.

It is sad that it is taking the loss of a child, in this case, a Billionaire, to finally start down the road of ending this disgusting practice.

Stay tuned


caseyisinnocentIn spite of her being the most hated woman in America, Casey Anthony has her defenders. I have noticed of late that an increasing number of on line comments have been favorable towards her. Most comments point out that Casey was found not guilty in the infamous jury trial.

The defenders argue that Casey should be able to live her life without being stalked and constantly harassed.

Oh really?

There are a few things these defenders forget.

ojFirst of all, there are those who, when OJ was found not guilty, voiced the same outrage that is the case with Casey. The term “Jury nullification” was thrown about, in some cases, by the very same people who are now declaring Casey “not guilty.”

OJ was eventually found liable for the murders by a jury in a civil trial and had most of his assets auctioned off to pay the damage reward. He subsequently committed more crimes and is now sitting in jail. He will most likely die in prison.

There are millions out there who wish the same fate for Casey as time grows near for the two civil trials against Casey to begin.

cayleeNext is the unanswered question about what happened to Caylee. Nothing angers the boycott Casey groups more than the fact that the fate of Caylee has still gone unanswered. How did Caylee die? Was it an accident? Was it murder? Why can’t Casey or any member of her family answer these simple questions?

Casey cannot be tried again for Caylee’s murder nor for many other charges for which she was acquitted, so there is no risk for her to come out with the truth about what happened to her.

I find it amazing that the Casey defenders do not seem to care about what exactly happened to a three year old child who never had a chance to experience life.

Their attitude seems to be “Caylee is dead, except it and move on.”

The problem is the majority of people cannot forget about Caylee. There are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. who relate Caylee to other children in their lives. They would want answers if it was one of their own who had died under the same circumstances as did Caylee.

Virtually all of the Casey “haters” cannot understand why a mother would stuff her child into a garbage bag and throw her into the woods after driving around, stuffed in the trunk of a car for who knows how long.

caseydrunkThe Casey defenders seem to disregard the strange circumstances surrounding what happened to Caylee and all of these unanswered questions.

There is another point that needs to be raised. The Casey defenders who declare that Casey is not guilty and should live her own life do not direct that same edict towards others. There has been a history on social media by some of this group towards others who were never even charged with any crime.

They attacked people for simply caring about Caylee. They attacked key members of the Casey boycott groups and continue to do so to this day. These attacks are NOT confined to simply disagreeing with the boycott of Casey or the alleged stalking, but to “investigating” the members of the boycott groups.

There have been instances where the personal information of boycotters have been put out on the internet. Employers have been called and demands made that people be fired.

In one instance, one key boycott advocate who was employed by a law enforcement agency came close to resigning her position due to the harassment. Others found pictures of their homes, spouses and offspring attacked on hate blogs.

These attacks were brutal. They had suffered and still suffer unjustified persecution simply because they care about finding the truth of what happened to a three year old child who was found stuffed in a garbage bag, in an illegal dump site less than a mile from her grandparents home.

The Casey boycott groups agenda is simple enough. They do not want Casey making money off of her deceased daughter. They want answers, they want the truth. They might not be able to get justice for Caylee but at least they can try and get the truth about what happened to her discovered and presented to the world.

Casey is the cause of her own problems. If she had told the truth in the beginning, she would not be in the situation she is in now. If the death of Caylee was an accident, she could have disclosed what had happened right away. At any time, Casey could have told  her parents, grandparents, lawyers, anyone what happened.

If it was an accident, people would have understood. Any criticism for any mistake that caused the death of Caylee, would be temporary and certainly not as intense as it remains today.

Casey alone chose to go down the road of lies and deception. Casey seemed to go out of the way to do things that would cause the anger directed towards her to intensify. She tried to blame others. She tried to blame a non existent nanny for kidnapping Caylee. She used the name of a woman who had the bad luck of filling out an application to rent an apartment as that of the fake nanny.

The Casey defenders forget or at the very least disregard these facts. The defenders care more about the personal lives of people on social media than the truth about what happened to a three year old child.

What is it about Casey that causes such diverse points of view? Millions hate her but there are those countless few that seem to admire her as well.

As time goes forward there are those that wish for the answers to questions raised about what happened to Caylee and there others who simply do not care and want Casey left alone.

As time marches on, the world awaits to see which group will prevail.

Stay tuned


ftcThe ongoing debate regarding Kyanonymous and his computer business is a study in how NOT to start or run a business. Deric is making the many common mistakes that young professionals make when starting their own business.

His first big mistake is thinking that Registering as a LLC is all he needs to do. The problem is it is only one step in many he needs to make before even excepting a dime from a customer. There are many rules and regulations he has to follow at the federal, state county and even city levels.

By far, the most important is licensing which should be in place BEFORE he establishes his LLC since certain Professional services by a single individual would be better off being listed as a different kind of business.

A LLC has unique regulations that he will need to comply with on an ongoing basis. A LLC is also the kind of business that is subject to the most public disclosures that are not required by other business types.

irsNext comes the second most important part of any business and that has to do with taxes. He will have unique requirements concerning both the paying and collecting of the various taxes and fees levied by all levels of government.


As a Corporation, he will be required to pay his taxes IN ADVANCE on his estimated income for the next fiscal quarter. If he underestimates his income, he will have to pay both the shortfall taxes and his estimated income for the next quarter.

He then has to pay his corporate taxes by Jan, 1st rather than April 15, as most of those who are employed have to do. Also, as a corporation he has to pay himself a reasonable wage and apply the various “social taxes” that an employer would have to do. This is the primary DISADVANTAGE of registering a business as an LLC. Corporate laws and regulations are quite strict and detailed.

Then, there is the issue of sales taxes at both the state and local level. These requirements vary from state to state. In some cases he would have to collect the sales tax for the person living out of state and pay those taxes to THEIR taxing agency. One only has to look at companies like Amazon to see what states require them to collect sales taxes and which do not. If he does not collect the taxes, he may well find himself paying them himself along with any interest or penalties that are levied.

Some states also require a state sales tax number before he collects a dime from anyone. He would then have to file a monthly or quarterly statement even if no taxes are collected. The laws vary widely from state to state or even city to city.

Then comes the worst requirement of all. It is called the fair trade practices act that regulates how any business conducts interstate commerce

Deric is also required to have on file how he protects private and sensitive information he may have on his business clients. This includes protecting ssn numbers, credit information and other personal information such as name, address, contact information and so forth:

If a company is found to have caused a customer to have their identity stolen or other kinds of fraud take place because of a violation of the privacy regulations, they will find themselves both civilly and criminally liable. The criminal violations can be quite severe.

ANYONE thinking of operating any kind of business is well advised to learn all of the laws and get themselves a good Certified Public Accountant as the latter can save the new business owner a lot of grief. It might also be a good idea to get a lawyer who is versed in business law on retainer as well.

Stay tuned



terristippI just had a rather heated discussion with someone who is defending Terri Stipp aka Windchime who was a former moderator at the well known true crime forum When the revelation appeared in a blog article outing Terri Stipp as an unregistered and confessed sex offender, Trica Griffith, the owner of the forum was forced to dismiss Ms Stipp as a moderator of the forum.


“Terry Anna Marie Cavitalo, AKA Terri Anna Marie Sholes Stipp, AKA WindChime on WebSleuths, was charged in 1992 with multiple counts of “lewd and lavicious” behavior in the “presence of child under 16.” Further investigation into related documents and charges detail her ex-husband’s role in these crimes, wherein he apparently raped a 6-year-old child. It is said that Terry/WindChime was one of two women who had sex with James Cavitalo in front of these children. “


websleuthsThere have been rumors that in spite of the dismissal of Terri Stipp, Trica Griffith maintained a cordial relationship with her. There has also been yet unproven rumors that Terri Stipp remains a moderator at under a different identity.

The account holder even has a link to in her profile leading one to believe the affiliation with that forum, in fact, remains.

There have also been accusations regarding certain actions of Terry Stipp in relation to other missing child cases. I have also had a number of contacts where accusations that Terry Stipp and her supporters may have been behind certain counterfeit content that has been used to smear me for almost a decade.

Why? a readier might ask would someone go after me because of the actions of an unregistered sex offender?

The answer, quite simply, is because after I obtained and read my own copies of the court and case records, it was clear to me that Ms Stipp was guilty of the charges against her and would have been convicted by a jury if the case had ever gone to trial.

Because of what I read and saw in those files, I would not permit her sister to go on my chat site and accuse the then 6 year old children of lying about the incident. From that day forward, I have been the target of a massive internet smear campaign that is in existence to this day.

Now it is hard to say who exactly it is behind the Terri_Stipp twitter account that is activated from time to time only to be deactivated shortly afterword. As is always the case in such matters, it is hard to prove with absolute certainty, who it really is behind a given username on social media accounts. These things are easily faked.

What is clear, however, is that whoever is using that twitter account does not seem to care that they are further victimizing the children who were present when Ms Stipp and her now deceased ex husband engaged in perverted sexual acts in their presence.

For some odd reason, the Stipp twitter account directs their wrath against me rather than those who were more directly involved in the prosecution of Ms Stipp and her ex husband. The net result of the trolling is that it is an abject failure since few people will have seen the postings. After each session the account is taken off line which deletes all of the postings.

It is not clear if Ms Stipp or any of her supporters are behind this account or if this is an effort to falsely point to Ms Stipp or any of her supporters as the creator of the sock account. I do find it curious that the account leaves in place a location stamp showing it to be the resident city of a former Administrator of my Paltalk chat site.

I do not have the resources to get to the truth of who is behind that account but perhaps someone out there who does might want to find out.

For now, the archived screenshots of tonight’s conversation goes into a file folder for use if the need arises.

Stay tuned