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victoria sOrlando Florida media outlets are reporting that the death of Victoria Seigel may have been a suicide as a result of cyber bullying. According to a statement by her father David Seigel, Victoria was sent a horrific message by someone who had obtained her boyfriend’s cellphone and impersonated him. It was shortly afterword that Victoria was found by a member of the staff at their 65 million dollar home.


jsfbThis statement appeared on Mrs. Seigel’s Facebook account:

Mr. Seigel further stated that he will “deal with the matter” once the grief over the loss of their daughter subsides.

seigalhouseNow that a Billionaire’s family has been the victim of cyber abuse rather than those who do not have the resources to fight this ever growing problem, perhaps pressure will be brought on legislators and law enforcement to deal with a problem that is ruining an increasing number of lives and has caused other victims to take the drastic action that Victoria apparently has.

It is sad that it is taking the loss of a child, in this case, a Billionaire, to finally start down the road of ending this disgusting practice.

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