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Monthly Archives: July 2015

femtrollI have been having a conversation with my stalker who created a SOCK ACCOUNT on twitter in order to spam me with her latest defamatory hate blog. In the conversation she denied knowing Terri Stipp (yup I got the FIRST name wrong but not the LAST name. Goddard admitted in this posting on the Forumwars site that she was part of those who had found out about Terri Stipp and outed her.

forumwars1Goddard went on to accuse me of defending Stipp’s sister when she went into my chat room and had the unmitigated gall to claim that the then children LIED about the incident despite the overwhelming evidence that was presented to the court and the same evidence that Goddard was privy to when this criminal act was discovered.

“Here’s the story…and there are even pictures for you that can’t read. *coughtinkcough*  Windchime was 33-years old when she was arrested for four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with children under the age of 16.  It was alleged that she not only engaged in sexual intercourse in the presence of three minor children, but she also “spread her nude vagina apart so [redacted] could photograph same.”;wap2

Forum Wars- 2015-07-30 16-38-08

forumwars3Goddard has YET to admit that when I clamped down on what Tink had done, She turned against me and along with my former administrator, NANANC made a harassing phone call to my brother, pretending to be someone else entirely.

When confronted with this evidence today, Goddard backed off saying “Tink and I have not spoken in years.” She uses this as an excuse as to why she is no longer interested in the fact that two victims of  TWO pedophiles are having their reputations trashed to this day.

One question that has never been answered, and since Goddard had all of the case records at hand, is this: WHO IS THE OTHER WOMAN THAT WAS PRESENT WHEN STIPP AND HER HUSBAND WERE HAVING SEX ON A KITCHEN TABLE WHILE THE CHILDREN WATCHED???

What is even more remarkable is that ALL of the evidence that Goddard had previously posted about this case has vanished from the internet. The evidence is said to have “gone away” around the same time that Tink started attacking me openly on the internet along with NANANC and Mommiesdollies who also had a rather demeaning article about her on the BH blog until she suddenly became “friends” with Goddard.

What Goddard is proving with her latest actions against me is that she will sacrifice the reputations of sex crime victims it it suits her agenda.

Stay tuned


younowFor the past few months, I have been busy gradually upgrading my equipment in anticipation of returning to multimedia streaming. I will be webcasting over on

The subject matter will vary but will, for the most part deal with all things Florida. There will be an accompanying chat as well as being able to chat with me on my twitter account. My current plans have me testing out the system between now and August first when I will decide on when to have regular webcasts and what the initial subject matter will be.

Stay tuned


holmsethSome time back, those affiliated with Anonymous decided to target an obscure on line journalist by the name of Tim Holmseth over his theories about what happened in regards to a still missing child in North Florida.

anonymousAnonymous created one of their “OPS” where they created a blog and a number of Youtube videos attacking his reputation. Anonymous also gave Tim Holmseth an ultimatum. Remove his blog and social media accounts or else.

They even went after his adult daughter in order to extort her into getting Mr Holmseth to comply with their demands.

Unfortunately for Anonymous, their op has not only failed but they have actually raised Mr Holmseth from obscurity to becoming more well known and his blogs and other social media sites have seen a large increase in reader visits as a result.


A blogger who was a primary supporter of this op recently admitted to knowing that it was doomed to fail at the onset.

The reason the op was destined to fail is due to the mantra ” negative publicity is the best publicity”

A good example of this is what I call “The Rush Limbaugh” effect since Mr Limbaugh is known for generating false negative press in order to bolster his presence and thus increase his advertizing revenue.

Anonymous has done this for Mr Holmseth for free.

The more effective way to have dealt with Mr Holmseth would have been to ignore him and thus remand him to being  just one more of those small blogs that few pay attention to.

It is a lesson that those within this particular Anonymous hive does not have the intelligence to grasp.

Stay Tuned


femtrollAn on line troll protested in a blog recently that people should “mind their own business” and then complained that a video on Youtube accusing a tow truck company driver of trying to hit her is nobody’s business.

Oh? Then what is the video doing on Youtube in the first place? The video was not marked private. It was public for all to see. The blogger then went on to make a point about a federal investigation putting up what turned out to be a form letter in order to prove her highly public accusations against a business she made almost a decade ago. The image showed only a small portion of that form letter so it is not proof that any investigation ever took place.

Now, one might look at the post the blogger made and ask me why I would be interested in this woman’s business. The answer is this. I am not interested in HER business, she is interested in MINE.

This woman and her group of mindless fans have been barging into MY business for YEARS. I have done not one thing that is illegal yet these people insist on writing blogs about me containing all sorts of false information. The above blog I am referring in this writing is at least the fifth this person and her thugs have put up.

As a result I had to go on the defensive and counter the many false accusations this woman and her group of thugs made about me in the dozens of blogs, image sites and videos they produced and put on line.

They did the same to those who came to my defense. They even attacked their children and siblings.

Members of her family and other victims of her insertion into THEIR business have contacted me over the years telling me of their horror stories of how she ruined their lives when SHE barged into THEIR business. She accuses me of contacting members of her family which I have not. It is the other way around, THEY CONTACTED ME.

It was OTHERS contacting ME that I found out about her attacks against me to begin with. Before those contacts were made, I did not know the existence of the woman.

Several years ago, I offered a simple solution for this woman. Take down the blogs about me and leave me alone. She refused. She simply cannot mind her own business. All one has to do is follow her twitter log to see whose business she is inserting herself into lately.

That is all she is capable of doing. She has no business of her own so she has to mind the business of others.

Stay tuned


crimewatcherslogoIn April of this year, a new true crime social media forum: made it’s debut on the internet. So far it is thriving quite well. The first thing one notices when logging onto the forum is the images of those who are missing. One can scroll through the images and click on each one to hyperlink to the story of each person whose image appears in the header.

The rest of the forum is laid out in an easy to navigate format. A reader is able to go from subject to subject with ease. The reader will also find that all within the forum are all close friends with each other and are discussing each subject with a mutual respect rarely seen in most forums.

For those looking for a fresh place to start following true crime cases, Crimewatchers. net is a safe bet.


I was sent an e-mail about a rather astonishing post that actually defended the placement of animated depictions of children engaging in sex acts on a chat site discussing the then missing Caylee Anthony.

The author happily pointed out that it is not illegal to post animated depictions of children having sex or being totally nude on the internet. That may be so, but it does not make it right. The legality of this practice also depends on where one lives:

“Dwight Whorley of Richmond is serving 20 years in prison, convicted in 2005 of using a public computer for jobseekers at the Virginia Employment Commission to receive 20 Japanese cartoons, called anime, illustrating young girls being forced to have sex with men. Whorley also received digital photographs of actual children engaging in sexual conduct and sent and received e-mails graphically describing parents sexually molesting their children.”

The author also got its facts completely wrong as it always seems to do.

The chat site where this occurred was on Lenny the bounty hunters Ustream chat that he had set up briefly.

One thing to note. It was reported that MonoxideMMAC also posted links to ACTUAL children engaging in sex which IS defined as child pornography and IS illegal. It is said to be one of the reasons he is no longer seen on the internet, at least not under THAT username.

At the same time, the hate blogger also vindicated me from being a pedophile, which is the FALSE accusation made against me for years.

The single biggest criticism against me were a number of PM’s where I was falsely accused of making remarks about stalking children and so forth.

Since I never acted upon what was alleged in this PM’s and the fact that they were only WORDS, that means I am guilty of nothing and that all the accusations made against me over all of these years were baseless.

It might also be pointed out to the hater that keeps making up all of those blogs against me that the same individual who posted the animated child porn also used to demean women who followed him on his websites and joked about raping them and raping other women as well.

But, since he was an enemy of mine and friends with some of them, in their eyes, that is perfectly ok with them.

This is not the first time they have excused an enemy for doing something that if I had done, I would have been attacked for but it is also, once again, clear proof that they are hypocrites.

One final note.

If you are going to complain about my alleged monitoring of your hate blog, you might want to quit sending a link of it to this blog in the comment section. The link to the blog shows up in the username portion.

Those of you who run blogs know of what I am talking about.

Stay tuned


It is strange enough to learn that the latest missing child, Lonzie Barton is a distant cousin of the Still Missing Haleigh Cummings, there are a lot of other similarities that make the fact that these children are missing more than just an amazing coincidence.


Here are a few points to ponder:

First BOTH missing children were with siblings when they disappeared.

Second: Those surrounding both children had a long history with drug abuse.

ebronmistyThird: Both caregivers who were last with the children have stopped cooperating with law enforcement.

Fourth: The last adult to see each child gave conflicting statements as to what led to the children being missing.

Fifth: Both children went missing in the same general area of Northeast Florida.

Sixth:Both adults who were last with the missing children were not biologically related to them. They  were girlfriend/boyfriend of the biological parent the children lived with.

roncummingsSeventh: The biological parents were not with the children when they went missing. BOTH biological parents were, in fact, either at work or on their way home or away from work when the children went missing.

As time goes on, I am certain that the various armchair detectives out there will come up with more coincidences. Patterns are starting to emerge. Already, Detectives working both cases are joining forces to determine if there is something about these two cases that might provide some long awaited answers and that finally the mysteries of what happened to these two children will be solved.

Stay tuned


NNS MASTER GRIFTERThere is an ever growing rumor that one of the most proficient internet scammers of all time may have found a place on the true crime segment of social media. Her legal name is Nancy L Nusbaum. She has also gone by Alexis B. Stanton as well as a multitude of others.

She was arrested in 2009 and that seems to have been the last anyone had heard of her, until these new rumors started up, indicating that she might be active on social media, getting involved in a number of high profile missing persons cases and at least one case where the death of a woman is being questioned by her family.

In this age of Twitter sock accounts and mysterious bloggers who go to extreme measures to hide who they are, it is not unlikely that someone like Nusbaum/Stanton could be wandering around the internet plying the old tricks of her trade once again.

Perhaps sometime soon, the answer to the question of this most famous of grifters being back on the internet will be answered.

Stay tuned


Sometime back, a number of friends suggested that I ignore the haters and liars and move on. I followed their advice and did just that. It has not worked. The haters have not stopped. If anything they have intensified their attacks telling lie after lie about me and those who remain my friends and supporters on a daily bases.

At the height of my ignoring them, the haters created a multitude of sock accounts for the sole purpose of having an excuse to attack me over and over again. They accuse me of being one or more of these sock accounts and attack me for making comments I did not make.

They are unable to provide documented proof that I had anything to do with any of the sock accounts. They do not care about the truth. All they care about is getting attention anyway they can.

One of the haters went so far as to accuse me of calling her husbands employer and attempt to get him fired by claiming he was observed drinking on the job. After enduring this false accusation for weeks, I was finally forced to contact the company to find out if someone contacted them or not. I was amazed to find out that her husband has not worked for the company for years and that his departure had NOTHING to do with anyone calling the company. NOBODY had called the company to report him drinking. His departure was through a mutual agreement between him and his employer.

Rather than admit to the lie, the woman and her on line entourage then claimed that I was stalking her and her husband rather than accept the fact that the woman had been caught in yet another lie.

This is their game plan. When caught in a lie, ignore the truth and create yet another lie. One cannot argue with people who insist on going down that path.

They constantly accuse me of wanting their attention even though I have every single one of them blocked and they have me blocked as well. In spite of this fact, they bypass my block and then comment on what I post even when those posts have nothing at all to do with any of them.

They keep right on with their lies and false accusations. Their own twitter postings provide absolute proof that it is they who want the attention and not me. Their blogs are the proof that they want to keep the drama going and not me.

Even when I post pictures and comments regarding things that have nothing to do with any of them, they make screen shots of my twitter logs and comment on them. Only I and my supporters are targets of this sort of action. Rarely do I see them engage in this practice with on line accounts of outsiders.

I keep trying to follow the advice of my friends and continue to ignore them but my stalkers will have none of it. They want to drive me completely off of the internet but that is not going to happen.

If they are going to bypass my blocks and give me the unwanted attention they insist on giving, there seems to be nothing I can do about it. They have lied about me for years and they have no intention of stopping now or anytime soon.

The haters, liars and stalkers want to go down the one way street of telling all of their lies without being confronted about those lies and being held accountable. They want their critics silenced.

I am not going to stop living my life both on and off the internet because of the actions of stalkers, abusers and liars.

Stay tuned


One has to wonder about the moral character or lack thereof of someone who would use the deceased mother of someone to perpetuate a lie. Such what was brought to my attention a short while ago. I have tried to ignore this low life for months but this new low needs to be addressed.

In what is a repeat of  a previously written blog article. I am not sure why the blogger needed to repeat it except out of spite, but repeat it, the blogger did.

It is a well known fact that my full name is William K Murtaugh. It is my legal birth name and I am proud of it. Unlike the cowardly blogger who writes under the darkness of anonymous, I choose to put my name where my mouth is. I do not hide under secret names or socks and I certainly do not take great lengths to hide who I am.

The blogger went through an elaborate lie saying my family insulted me by reversing my first and middle names. In the Obituary my name is listed as Kevin W Murtaugh. The problem here is that the blogger got it completely wrong, as it has about every aspect of my life that it has written in its blog.

If someone takes the time to read the obituary, they will discover that my father’s name was William J Murtaugh. Now, since the both of us have the first name, there was the obvious problem of how to distinguish one William from another. The second issue was that my Mother’s older brother was named after his father, both first and middle name. The net result was that he was called Junie, since he had the JR after his surname.

My mother wanted my name to be unique so the middle name Kevin was agreed upon and I was called Kevin until I got married and left home. Since my legal name as shown on my birth certificate appeared on all legal documents, I soon started introducing myself as William or Bill. My wife and my family called and still does call me Kevin. It is one of those family things that the blogger clearly does not understand.

It seems that the blogger’s claims to have a family and the details it has made up is fiction since it cannot understand that sometimes families have traditions known only to them.

This is not the first time that this blogger has abused members of my family and our family relations. It has done so on a number of occasions.

The blogger once made the atrocious claim out of thing air that my only and deceased child, my son, was not my biological child. The blogger never explained the basis for this claim nor why it decided to broach this subject in the first place.

The logical conclusion is that the blogger did this out of meanness and spite. It is also obvious that there is some troubled past within it’s own family, if it even had one, that would cause someone to do such a disgusting thing to people longer alive to set the record strait.

Now that I have addressed this atrocity, I will once again ignore these petty and lost souls.

Stay tuned