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NNS MASTER GRIFTERThere is an ever growing rumor that one of the most proficient internet scammers of all time may have found a place on the true crime segment of social media. Her legal name is Nancy L Nusbaum. She has also gone by Alexis B. Stanton as well as a multitude of others.

She was arrested in 2009 and that seems to have been the last anyone had heard of her, until these new rumors started up, indicating that she might be active on social media, getting involved in a number of high profile missing persons cases and at least one case where the death of a woman is being questioned by her family.

In this age of Twitter sock accounts and mysterious bloggers who go to extreme measures to hide who they are, it is not unlikely that someone like Nusbaum/Stanton could be wandering around the internet plying the old tricks of her trade once again.

Perhaps sometime soon, the answer to the question of this most famous of grifters being back on the internet will be answered.

Stay tuned