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holmsethSome time back, those affiliated with Anonymous decided to target an obscure on line journalist by the name of Tim Holmseth over his theories about what happened in regards to a still missing child in North Florida.

anonymousAnonymous created one of their “OPS” where they created a blog and a number of Youtube videos attacking his reputation. Anonymous also gave Tim Holmseth an ultimatum. Remove his blog and social media accounts or else.

They even went after his adult daughter in order to extort her into getting Mr Holmseth to comply with their demands.

Unfortunately for Anonymous, their op has not only failed but they have actually raised Mr Holmseth from obscurity to becoming more well known and his blogs and other social media sites have seen a large increase in reader visits as a result.


A blogger who was a primary supporter of this op recently admitted to knowing that it was doomed to fail at the onset.

The reason the op was destined to fail is due to the mantra ” negative publicity is the best publicity”

A good example of this is what I call “The Rush Limbaugh” effect since Mr Limbaugh is known for generating false negative press in order to bolster his presence and thus increase his advertizing revenue.

Anonymous has done this for Mr Holmseth for free.

The more effective way to have dealt with Mr Holmseth would have been to ignore him and thus remand him to beingĀ  just one more of those small blogs that few pay attention to.

It is a lesson that those within this particular Anonymous hive does not have the intelligence to grasp.

Stay Tuned