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femtrollAn on line troll protested in a blog recently that people should “mind their own business” and then complained that a video on Youtube accusing a tow truck company driver of trying to hit her is nobody’s business.

Oh? Then what is the video doing on Youtube in the first place? The video was not marked private. It was public for all to see. The blogger then went on to make a point about a federal investigation putting up what turned out to be a form letter in order to prove her highly public accusations against a business she made almost a decade ago. The image showed only a small portion of that form letter so it is not proof that any investigation ever took place.

Now, one might look at the post the blogger made and ask me why I would be interested in this woman’s business. The answer is this. I am not interested in HER business, she is interested in MINE.

This woman and her group of mindless fans have been barging into MY business for YEARS. I have done not one thing that is illegal yet these people insist on writing blogs about me containing all sorts of false information. The above blog I am referring in this writing is at least the fifth this person and her thugs have put up.

As a result I had to go on the defensive and counter the many false accusations this woman and her group of thugs made about me in the dozens of blogs, image sites and videos they produced and put on line.

They did the same to those who came to my defense. They even attacked their children and siblings.

Members of her family and other victims of her insertion into THEIR business have contacted me over the years telling me of their horror stories of how she ruined their lives when SHE barged into THEIR business. She accuses me of contacting members of her family which I have not. It is the other way around, THEY CONTACTED ME.

It was OTHERS contacting ME that I found out about her attacks against me to begin with. Before those contacts were made, I did not know the existence of the woman.

Several years ago, I offered a simple solution for this woman. Take down the blogs about me and leave me alone. She refused. She simply cannot mind her own business. All one has to do is follow her twitter log to see whose business she is inserting herself into lately.

That is all she is capable of doing. She has no business of her own so she has to mind the business of others.

Stay tuned