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femtrollI have been having a conversation with my stalker who created a SOCK ACCOUNT on twitter in order to spam me with her latest defamatory hate blog. In the conversation she denied knowing Terri Stipp (yup I got the FIRST name wrong but not the LAST name. Goddard admitted in this posting on the Forumwars site that she was part of those who had found out about Terri Stipp and outed her.

forumwars1Goddard went on to accuse me of defending Stipp’s sister when she went into my chat room and had the unmitigated gall to claim that the then children LIED about the incident despite the overwhelming evidence that was presented to the court and the same evidence that Goddard was privy to when this criminal act was discovered.

“Here’s the story…and there are even pictures for you that can’t read. *coughtinkcough*  Windchime was 33-years old when she was arrested for four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with children under the age of 16.  It was alleged that she not only engaged in sexual intercourse in the presence of three minor children, but she also “spread her nude vagina apart so [redacted] could photograph same.”;wap2

Forum Wars- 2015-07-30 16-38-08

forumwars3Goddard has YET to admit that when I clamped down on what Tink had done, She turned against me and along with my former administrator, NANANC made a harassing phone call to my brother, pretending to be someone else entirely.

When confronted with this evidence today, Goddard backed off saying “Tink and I have not spoken in years.” She uses this as an excuse as to why she is no longer interested in the fact that two victims of  TWO pedophiles are having their reputations trashed to this day.

One question that has never been answered, and since Goddard had all of the case records at hand, is this: WHO IS THE OTHER WOMAN THAT WAS PRESENT WHEN STIPP AND HER HUSBAND WERE HAVING SEX ON A KITCHEN TABLE WHILE THE CHILDREN WATCHED???

What is even more remarkable is that ALL of the evidence that Goddard had previously posted about this case has vanished from the internet. The evidence is said to have “gone away” around the same time that Tink started attacking me openly on the internet along with NANANC and Mommiesdollies who also had a rather demeaning article about her on the BH blog until she suddenly became “friends” with Goddard.

What Goddard is proving with her latest actions against me is that she will sacrifice the reputations of sex crime victims it it suits her agenda.

Stay tuned