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Monthly Archives: July 2015

horizoncountAs of this writing it is now under 6 hours before the New Horizon spacecraft makes its closest approach to the planet (yes a lot of people at JPL call it a planet) Pluto which will be roughly 7000 miles, give or take.

jpl1Right now, New Horizons is snapping pictures at an ever increasing  rate. In addition, several sensors are busy studying Pluto to determine it’s composition as well as determine the density of it’s atmosphere.jpl6

jpl2The Primary reason New Horizons is dubbed the gift that keeps on giving is that it is going to be sending back a tremendous amount of data for at least the next 18 months. There will be enough information to keep scientists busy for years to come.

jpl3Talks are also under way to convince NASA to fund New Horizon to explore other objects that may be in it’s past as it passes Pluto and speed off into deep space. If the funding can be procured, New Horizon may be giving scientists gifts for years to come.

Stay Tuned


fakefacebookA notice on my Facebook page today reminded me of a stunt a couple of haters pulled on me a few years ago. The first stunt done by a Washington state hater, was the duplication of my Facebook page and using it do post false narratives and attempt to drive my followers off of my account.

The second duplication came about by a Ohio blogger who is known for her abilities to create fake accounts on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. In this case, the woman duplicated my Facebook account and placed a photo of a soldier on it. She then wrote a blog where she claimed I was engaging in “stolen valor” which is where someone makes false claims of being in the military or have been in the military.


My friends on the account found that post rather odd since I had written an article weeks before where I went into detail as to why I WAS NEVER IN THE SERVICE. After being flooded with messages from my Facebook followers, I checked and found that the account had been duplicated for at least the second time. I reported this to Facebook who then immediately deleted it.

In the majority of the cases, Facebook duplications are made as part of a money making scam. There are also an increasing number of cases where people are duplicating these accounts in order to stalk their potential victims.

It is this latter purpose of Facebook account duplication that can do the most damage to the victim being targeted.

Stay tuned


justiceformorganIn December of 2011 The family of Morgan Ingram lost their daughter due to the actions of an alleged cyber stalker. Since then, the family have tried intensely to have the alleged cyber stalker be held accountable for his actions.

At this moment, a jury in a federal cyber stalking case held in Delaware may be the key to obtaining justice for Morgan’s family. 

The defendants in the case have been charged with cyber stalking resulting in death. If convicted, each of the three defendants face life in prison without parole.

There are two theories as to how Morgan died. The family feels she was murdered by the alleged cyber stalker and law enforcement has ruled her death a suicide.

Under the statute, the only thing the prosecutor has to convince a jury of is that a death resulted from cyber stalking.

thommIn the Delaware case currently being deliberated by the jury, the deaths resulted when Thomas Matusiewicz, the man being cyber stalked, walked into a Delaware courthouse and shot and killed two people before killing himself in a gun battle with police.

What is remarkable is that the defendants who were charged with cyber stalking and conspiracy were the widow and children of the man who had shot his ex daughter in law and a friend.

While some may question why these people are charged, it does demonstrate that the cyber stalking laws can apply even if those doing the cyber stalking may feel they have a moral cause that they are pursuing.

If the jury finds the defendants guilty, it might set a precedent which just might help the Ingram family get the justice they so desire.

In addition, Legislation has been introduced that would require federal law enforcement to more strongly investigate cases of cyber stalking and finally start down the road of ending this ever growing trend.

If passed, this bill would “

(1) ensure that there are at least 10 additional operational agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation designated to support the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in the investigation and coordination of cybercrimes against persons;

(2) ensure that each office of a United States Attorney designates at least 1 Assistant United States Attorney as responsible for investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes against persons”

denvercourtIt is possible that under the current federal statutes, the Ingram family could lobby their local Federal prosecutor to bring charges against Morgan’s alleged stalker and finally obtain the justice they so desperately seek.

Stay tuned



justiceformorganFew things cause more suffering than to outlive one’s child. On a cold December night in 2011, the parents and loved ones would learn that suffering all too well when they learned of their daughters death. It was a death caused by terror, it was a death caused by a stalker.

Rather than write in my own words, the story of this case, I choose, instead, to tell the story through the  website and other social media sites set up by family and friends to seek the justice they feel has been denied their daughter and loved one.

There is, however, a story within a story. It is a story of stalking not of Morgan but of their family. Who the alleged stalkers are and how they are going about their alleged stalking is one that will be told by those who are being stalked.

How this story is told will be up to those who want it told.

Stay tuned



whoopsIt is clearly obvious that the so called armchair detectives that populate most social media websites are miserable at research or coming to the correct conclusions about any case or subject they delve into. Now that same dismal failure is apparent when it comes to these same failure prone individuals delve into the practice of Doxing.


hateinfoThere has been a rapid increase over the use of this tool of revenge by people who have absolutely no idea how to research and confirm the information they are gathering. Hundreds of examples of their mistakes go back at least a decade.

Even when the true identity of their target is known, these so called “detectives” get it wrong. I have seen incorrect addresses and telephone numbers posted that wind up targeting people who are not even on the internet. In one case, an attempt to dox an employer would up putting up the number of a sheriff in another county. The person doing the dox wound up going off the internet entirely. It is unknown what her fate was in regards to that beaut of a mistake.

The group doing the doxing also make another mistake in their so called detective work. They misread  such things as obituaries of who they feel are relatives of the person being doxed. They then assume that names found on social media are somehow related to the person being doxed and include them in their doxing. They never bother to check to see if the person found is, in fact, related to the person being doxed and yet more innocent victims wind up being included in their epic fail.

wrongcopdoxThe more common mistakes that come out of doxing is when the person or group engaging in doxing ASSUMES that the target that only uses an anonymous username is their target. In almost all of the cases, they wind up doxing the wrong person.

Not only does the wrong person wind up being doxed, but any friend, family, employer or educational institution wind up being doxed as well.

So what happens to someone being doxed? Well, some of the more warped minded people reading the doxes might take inappropriate actions such as calling employers, family members and other sources named in the dox with completely wrong information. Prank calls are also common as is the directing of spam to be sent to their e mail accounts and making efforts to trigger telemarketing calls to the various individuals who have the misfortune of having their phone number listed.

The results listed here are only a small sample of the damage that is done by the sloppy detective work by these rank amateurs that have no idea how to conduct a proper investigation.

It is bad enough that the “correct” targets of their inappropriate and mostly illegal actions suffer from it is even worse when those who are targeted that are the results of their action.

dumbass2Remember the Amanda Todd suicide?

Doxing is both unethical and wrong. In most cases it is used to force the end of opposing  views involving on line debates. In some cases doxing is used to bully and torment. Sometimes the target feels it is only fair to do a dox in retaliating and frequently the same mistakes are repeated.

Doxing is a form of stalking and abuse and in most cases is illegal. What needs to be done is for law enforcement to enforce the laws that are being violated and the websites, such as Pastebin, where the doxes take place, crack down on this practice or the government does it for them.

One thing that might stop this practice is for the website to require that clear and accurate information of the person creating the dox be available to the person or group being doxed. A court order or other proceeding should not be required in order for the person being doxed to be informed of who is posting this information.

If the person or group sincerely believes that the information is true and is of vital interest to the public, then that person or group should not complain when they are held accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned


billcBill Cosby has long been touted as a roll model for kids growing up. His humor has had that “family friendly” feel about it thus being safe for kids to hear. There was little, if any, sexual innuendo contained in his many record albums and television episodes.

When Bill Cosby came out with his criticism of the actions of the new generations of comedians with their foul language and sexual innuendos, many listened and toned down their performances.

It now seems, however, that Bill Cosby has turned out to be a false prophet. Now, all of those people who turned to him as a role model have to wonder if they were listening to the voice of a hypocrite.

Not only have the women he has been accused of abusing been betrayed, but we have all been betrayed as well.

Yet another respected famous person has shown himself to be a fraud.

Stay tuned.