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Sometime back, a number of friends suggested that I ignore the haters and liars and move on. I followed their advice and did just that. It has not worked. The haters have not stopped. If anything they have intensified their attacks telling lie after lie about me and those who remain my friends and supporters on a daily bases.

At the height of my ignoring them, the haters created a multitude of sock accounts for the sole purpose of having an excuse to attack me over and over again. They accuse me of being one or more of these sock accounts and attack me for making comments I did not make.

They are unable to provide documented proof that I had anything to do with any of the sock accounts. They do not care about the truth. All they care about is getting attention anyway they can.

One of the haters went so far as to accuse me of calling her husbands employer and attempt to get him fired by claiming he was observed drinking on the job. After enduring this false accusation for weeks, I was finally forced to contact the company to find out if someone contacted them or not. I was amazed to find out that her husband has not worked for the company for years and that his departure had NOTHING to do with anyone calling the company. NOBODY had called the company to report him drinking. His departure was through a mutual agreement between him and his employer.

Rather than admit to the lie, the woman and her on line entourage then claimed that I was stalking her and her husband rather than accept the fact that the woman had been caught in yet another lie.

This is their game plan. When caught in a lie, ignore the truth and create yet another lie. One cannot argue with people who insist on going down that path.

They constantly accuse me of wanting their attention even though I have every single one of them blocked and they have me blocked as well. In spite of this fact, they bypass my block and then comment on what I post even when those posts have nothing at all to do with any of them.

They keep right on with their lies and false accusations. Their own twitter postings provide absolute proof that it is they who want the attention and not me. Their blogs are the proof that they want to keep the drama going and not me.

Even when I post pictures and comments regarding things that have nothing to do with any of them, they make screen shots of my twitter logs and comment on them. Only I and my supporters are targets of this sort of action. Rarely do I see them engage in this practice with on line accounts of outsiders.

I keep trying to follow the advice of my friends and continue to ignore them but my stalkers will have none of it. They want to drive me completely off of the internet but that is not going to happen.

If they are going to bypass my blocks and give me the unwanted attention they insist on giving, there seems to be nothing I can do about it. They have lied about me for years and they have no intention of stopping now or anytime soon.

The haters, liars and stalkers want to go down the one way street of telling all of their lies without being confronted about those lies and being held accountable. They want their critics silenced.

I am not going to stop living my life both on and off the internet because of the actions of stalkers, abusers and liars.

Stay tuned