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One has to wonder about the moral character or lack thereof of someone who would use the deceased mother of someone to perpetuate a lie. Such what was brought to my attention a short while ago. I have tried to ignore this low life for months but this new low needs to be addressed.

In what is a repeat of  a previously written blog article. I am not sure why the blogger needed to repeat it except out of spite, but repeat it, the blogger did.

It is a well known fact that my full name is William K Murtaugh. It is my legal birth name and I am proud of it. Unlike the cowardly blogger who writes under the darkness of anonymous, I choose to put my name where my mouth is. I do not hide under secret names or socks and I certainly do not take great lengths to hide who I am.

The blogger went through an elaborate lie saying my family insulted me by reversing my first and middle names. In the Obituary my name is listed as Kevin W Murtaugh. The problem here is that the blogger got it completely wrong, as it has about every aspect of my life that it has written in its blog.

If someone takes the time to read the obituary, they will discover that my father’s name was William J Murtaugh. Now, since the both of us have the first name, there was the obvious problem of how to distinguish one William from another. The second issue was that my Mother’s older brother was named after his father, both first and middle name. The net result was that he was called Junie, since he had the JR after his surname.

My mother wanted my name to be unique so the middle name Kevin was agreed upon and I was called Kevin until I got married and left home. Since my legal name as shown on my birth certificate appeared on all legal documents, I soon started introducing myself as William or Bill. My wife and my family called and still does call me Kevin. It is one of those family things that the blogger clearly does not understand.

It seems that the blogger’s claims to have a family and the details it has made up is fiction since it cannot understand that sometimes families have traditions known only to them.

This is not the first time that this blogger has abused members of my family and our family relations. It has done so on a number of occasions.

The blogger once made the atrocious claim out of thing air that my only and deceased child, my son, was not my biological child. The blogger never explained the basis for this claim nor why it decided to broach this subject in the first place.

The logical conclusion is that the blogger did this out of meanness and spite. It is also obvious that there is some troubled past within it’s own family, if it even had one, that would cause someone to do such a disgusting thing to people longer alive to set the record strait.

Now that I have addressed this atrocity, I will once again ignore these petty and lost souls.

Stay tuned