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It is strange enough to learn that the latest missing child, Lonzie Barton is a distant cousin of the Still Missing Haleigh Cummings, there are a lot of other similarities that make the fact that these children are missing more than just an amazing coincidence.


Here are a few points to ponder:

First BOTH missing children were with siblings when they disappeared.

Second: Those surrounding both children had a long history with drug abuse.

ebronmistyThird: Both caregivers who were last with the children have stopped cooperating with law enforcement.

Fourth: The last adult to see each child gave conflicting statements as to what led to the children being missing.

Fifth: Both children went missing in the same general area of Northeast Florida.

Sixth:Both adults who were last with the missing children were not biologically related to them. They  were girlfriend/boyfriend of the biological parent the children lived with.

roncummingsSeventh: The biological parents were not with the children when they went missing. BOTH biological parents were, in fact, either at work or on their way home or away from work when the children went missing.

As time goes on, I am certain that the various armchair detectives out there will come up with more coincidences. Patterns are starting to emerge. Already, Detectives working both cases are joining forces to determine if there is something about these two cases that might provide some long awaited answers and that finally the mysteries of what happened to these two children will be solved.

Stay tuned