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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Over the past couple of days, I have been having a discussion with someone who has a beef with Timothy Holmseth over his outrageous postings on his Twitter account as well as his various blogs. The anonymous person I have been debating with seems determined to contact his employer in an effort to get him fired.

I have tried to point out to this person why this tactic is not the right way to go. First, I informed this person that an atty for at least one of the people Tim has defamed with this Satanic Cult nonsense is in the process of taking LEGAL steps to get the offending material removed and possibly Mr Holmseth’s websites shut down for good. He has violated a number of TOS rules set forth by the various blog providers and a mounting number of complaints have been lodged against them.

Even one of the parties that Holmseth has targeted wrote a blog to the individual asking him/her to back off. Apparently that did not work.

Now time will tell if the employer will ignore the information sent to them or they will act on the information and fire Mr Holmseth.

Now, what will be the net result out of all of this? It is likely Mr Holmseth will find himself homeless within a short period of time. He might do something drastic, who knows? He might also be able to file for SSDI for various reasons.

Holmseth can argue that he is unemployable for a number or reasons and thus draw as much as 1200 per month in benefits. He will also be eligible for food stamps, section 8 housing and Medicare.

None of these things are available to him now as he has a means of income. He has assets which he will surely loose because of his being fired and he will lose his residence as well since will not be able to pay rent.

One other point. Mr Holmseth might have an argument to rebut any legal action by the Florida atty. All he needs to do is march into court with the threats made against him along with any resulting action by his employer.

My opponents say that I am playing both sides. Oh really? These are the same people who yell and holler when accusing someone of contacting employers and family members. These same people now support the same thing when it comes to Holmseth and others.

These people do not like it when some out there play by THEIR RULES yet they went to continue to apply THEIR RULES with no accountability.

I will state again for those who seem to have problems comprehending the written word. I STRONGLY disagree with what Holmseth has written about those who are my opponents. I do, however, would rather see things handled legally rather than through extortion and intimidation.

Stay tuned



holmsethLet me start this off by stating that I am still not supporting Tim Holmseth’s actions over the past few months. He has continued to make outlandish accusations against a number of people who are, I admit, not anywhere close to being supporters or friends of mine.

I came out recently stating that what Holmseth has been accusing others of is completely false. He has not brought any evidence to the fore to back up these accusations. His latest article where he claims to have contacted the Florida State Atty, Pam Bondi indicates that he is going way overboard with his actions and needs to be reigned in.

I was under the impression that legal steps were being taken to quell Holmseth’s actions and to get the offending material removed through Injunctive relief and other legal measures.

opsdhI was therefore perplexed to see that the account on Twitter that was set up to deal with Holmseth is now threatening to contact his employer in a manner that I would suspect would cause him to lose his job there.

I would think the main goal would be to have Mr Holmseth remain employed as to not become a burden to both state and federal taxpayers since he is not currently eligible for welfare or other government benefits.

It is almost certain that Mr Holmseth is NOT going to abide by the conditions of the threat and that those behind the operation will then have to go through with their threat.

It is the best solution for all of those, including myself, that object to what Mr. Holmseth has been doing , to do so in a manner that is both ethical and legal. Two wrongs do not make a right and I wish that those who have made the threats against Mr. Holmseth would reconsider what they are doing in their efforts to correct the wrongs they accuse Mr. Holmseth of doing.

Stay tuned


bondiWell, Tim Holmseth certainly has not given up on his attacks against a number of people on line. At least this time around, my name has not been mentioned…..yet.

I have made it perfectly clear that I do not Support what Mr Holmseth is doing but I am going to keep track of what he writes about and what the results might be from rumored legal actions being undertaken by those he has been accusing of certain outrageous actions in his recent articles.

In his latest blog article, Tim Holmseth claims to have been able to persuade Fla State Atty Pam Bondi to listen to audio recordings he claims to have:

In the article he mentions the same people he has accused before and thus may increase the degree of legal problems he faces from those who are beyond tired of his alleged harassment of them.

There has been an increasing amount of push back by those he has accused of having varying degrees of involvement in the case of a missing Florida child. He goes as far as to accuse them of being involved in a Satanic cult, human trafficking and even child pornography to some degree.

It would seem that as tempers flare, there are going to be some interesting developments on the internet in the days and weeks to come.

Stay tuned


alison-adam-jpgEvery day we turn on our televisions and watch young men and women report on mundane and ordinary events not giving what they do a second thought. That is, at least, until this morning. A young reporter and her photographer were doing a live interview when suddenly their lives were taken by a gunmen for reasons unknown at this time.

It is one thing to see this sort of thing happen in a war zone but quite another to see it on US soil when covering what should have been a routine interview about a local attraction.

This should give all of us in the viewing audience renewed respect for those men and woman who come into our lives through our televisions every day.

Stay tuned



I fully understand our limited truce as it has been offered and fully agree with the reason for it. As I said before I have tolerated Tim Holmseth and his various theories because, quite simply, there are thousands like him on blogs and other social media formats. They spew their, so called tin hat theories for their limited audiences to digest.

I first became aware of him through discussions I had with Kim P out of South Florida when she offered her experiences with him. I had thought at the time that perhaps she was overreacting and I had those beliefs reinforced by others who claimed to have been at odds with the noted atty.

Over an extended period of time, based on the actions of others, I had thought that people had overreacted when it came to Mr Holmseth’s actions and while I did not support his various theories, I supported his right to speak his mind and to be left alone.

That changed, however, over the past few months when he started to make what were obviously false and defamatory  accusations against those I consider my bitter opponents. I tolerated his actions to a point because he, at least, was drawing attention away from me and I was able to go about my life in relative peace.

This came to an abrupt end when he made some of the most outlandish claims against my opponents that I simply could not let stand without saying something about those claims. He also made the mistake of including me, yet again, in his defamatory accusations.

I have a set of principals that I live by and as I said before, there are times where I absolutely have to speak up. Mr Holmseth has not only made outrages claims against me and Mr Olsen as well as others, but he has also brought these outrageous claims to the attention of various government offices including at least one Florida State Attorney.

His actions thus go far beyond making foolish remarks in a blog but have risen to the point of involving government officials in his foolishness.

I therefore accept the truce the above blog author has offered and throw in my support for whatever legal and proper actions that may be necessary to finally put a stop to Tim Holmseth’s outrageous actions.

It is a rare moment that I call for the tempering of someone’s freedom of speech but circumstances force me to take this stand.

Stay tuned



I have absolutely had enough with you and your outrageous conduct. I have read where you have now included me in your outlandish accusations you have been making against Mr Thomas Olsen and others. When I wrote you with my concerns I made it quite clear that I am in a bitter dispute with Mr Olsen and am not an agent for him or for any group he may or may not represent.

I may not like Mr Olsen or those he affiliates with and I may not support his actions, but I will NOT stand by and see him and others so clearly be defamed in the manner you have done in the past few days.

I have tolerated your actions so far, mainly on first amendment grounds as well as those I consider friends who give you their unwavering support. I have given you the benefit of the doubt when it came to your various theories regarding the fate of Haleigh Cummings and with your views regarding other cases you have mentioned from time to time.

As of today, I can no longer do that. Your actions have reached a point where it is clear that you need to be compelled to cease with your actions. You are NOT a true journalist as is defined by the professional standards one in that line of work has to abide by.

No matter how wrong those who have made accusations against me have been, in MOST cases, they have relied on information that exists and can be pointed to no matter how wrong that information may be.

You, Mr. Holmseth, on the other hand, seem to come up with this nonsense out of thin air. You accuse people with no document or point of reference. You have claimed that there are videos out there that prove your accusations but have produced no evidence whatsoever.

You dared going after a well known attorney and had your ass handed to you as a result. You are sloppy and you are careless. You now have not only angered those who are your enemies but those few that were supporting you in varying degrees.

You are now put on notice that I not only do NOT support you but am now throwing my support behind Mr Olsen and those who are taking legal actions to temper your outrageous conduct.

One thing my friends and foes alike are going to learn is that I am governed by a set of principals. When I see a wrong against someone, I rail against that wrong even if that someone is one who rails against me.

I suggest you govern yourself accordingly.

William K Murtaugh

jeffaA visibly shaken State Atty Jeff Ashton, appeared in a live press conference aired on most Central Florida Media outlets and stated:

“I did something ‘incredibly stupid”

Jeff Ashton is widely known as the lead prosecutor in the case against Casey Anthony. He has served the state for 35 years. Mr Ashton went on to further state “Two years ago, I was curious about the Ashley Madison website, and I used my personal credit card to sign up for the site,” 

He stated several times that it was a stupid decision on his part and deeply regrets his actions.

ninethHe apologized to the people who live within the 9th judicial circuit for his mistake. It was a hard thing to see such a respected officer of the court have to get up and own up to such a highly personal mistake that affects not only his public standing but his having to deal with this incident within his own family.

What has happened to Jeff Ashton has happened to millions of other people and the lesson to be learned from this is that we are all human and we all make mistakes.

Time will tell if this will cause severe damage to Jeff Ashton’s career and if he will be re-elected when his term expires or if this will fade over time.

A lot depends on how the public reacts and how the media both in the mainstream and on line handle any further developments as the Ashley Madison saga continues. Millions of important and not so important subscribers to the cheater website are being affected by the illegal dispensing of their personal information.

If any good comes out of this, it will be that FINALLY the government will start cracking down on the hackers who keep violating the national and international laws when it comes to gaining unauthorized access to various websites and publishing information that they have no business possessing in the first place.

Stay tuned




I had made a firm commitment to disregard the actions of some individuals on the various social media sites, but because of some rather bizarre accusations being made over the past few days, I just have to speak up about this one.

I am been reading with some interest, the battles going on between a number of bloggers and Tim Holmseth, a self proclaimed journalist from Minnesota. At the heart of the current dispute is Holmseth’s accusing Thomas Olsen, who is or was known under countless internet usernames.

Under his current username Ky Jelly Exposed, Pops, as he is otherwise known, has taken issue with a majority of things that Holmseth has written and is supporting efforts to get him off of the internet.

Up until recently, Holmseth has ignored these latest attacks on his writings as he has done, for the most part, in the past. His ignoring of the latest attacks against him ended when he published this  article:

“Thomas Norman Olsen, Milton, Florida, has been identified as a participant in a satanic cult that produced and published a series of videos threatening the children of investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth.”

Now, the problem with Mr Holmseth’s claim is that it is just plain false. As many know, I am in a bitter dispute with Olsen over his false accusations against me. It would be an easy thing to sit back and let Tim Holmseth’s outlandish accusations stand. Until the date of this writing, I had done just that.

What brought me to the point of writing this article is the fact that Holmseth, once again, is being extremely careless with his writings and this time around, it is liable to be the tipping point to more effective and severe actions against him.

By reading over various comments on blogs and on Twitter, it appears that legal papers are going to be filed to compel Holmseth to not only stop with the accusations against Mr Olsen but more likely he will be ordered to take the posts down.

It will be a correct action since the accusations against Mr Olsen are not only completely baseless but are also downright nonsensical. His accusations are the clearest form of defamation I have seen on the internet as of late.

This, however, brings me to another point. Olsen is guilty of the exact same thing that he accuses Holmseth of. He hurls around baseless accusations against me and others with reckless abandon.

IF Olsen and those around them are going to rail against false, outlandish and baseless accusations against themselves, they might want to look at their own accusations of others and correct their misdeeds as well.

Another party to this latest fiasco is Deric Lostutter or as he is known, Kyanonymous. I am no fan of this character either. Deric decided to inject himself into the dispute against Holmseth by commenting on Holmseth’s blog about Mr Olsen and posting the links.

It would have been easy for me to repeat what Deric did, and post the links out of context. Deric posted the link in a manner which indicated his agreement with the accusation. My use of the link in this article certainly DOES NOT indicate my agreement with Holmseth’s article. My point of view is quite the opposite.

Mr Olsen and his supporters seem to feel that I agree with Holmseth’s actions and that I am in constant contact with him. Quite the opposite is true. I strongly disagree with what Mr Holmseth has said about Tom Olsen and I certainly am not in contact with him. Mr Holmseth pulled a similar stunt with me some time back and he has never corrected his errors regarding that action.

Once again, he is not the only one who engages in these kinds of actions.

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with what someone says or does on the internet. It is quite another to make false and outrageous claims against someone that can have unexpected and dire consequences down the road.

Holmseth needs to temper his actions and correct the erroneous statements he has made on his social media sites and at the same time, others need to do the same.

Stay tuned


ccpbSome people just cannot let things go.

ccpamemurtleThis time I am publishing one of the MANY sock accounts that get put up attacking me, those who support me and most importantly, those who are AGAINST me. Someone out there does not want the warring to stop and keeps making these sock accounts. They are not being done by me. It would be nice if SOMEONE out there could find out who is behind this latest sock so the proof could finally be presented to ALL sides of the ongoing disputes.


The sock vanished as they always do but this time I recorded everything. Someone keeps playing these games because someone does wants the attention and the drama going. Some day, somehow someone is going to find out who is making these things and then there will be hell to pay.

Stay tuned



My stalker has yet again repeated her same years long lies and added some new ones for good measure. I will post each lie and offer my rebuttal:

The pm’s as posted do not exist. I have explained why once before and I will explain again. At no time with the mysterious Kyfan/Renzolovescake and over 20 other names used did I ever get into an extended conversation as displayed by my stalker’s so called evidence. At most it was one or two sentences from him followed by one or two sentences by me before I did the Paltalk equivalent of blocking him. After each block, he would create yet another name and contact me again.

Next, I made guesses over the years as to who MIGHT have done it although the key lies with at least woman who used to be one of my moderators. The PM’s were likely created by someone who had access to my log in information and could either fabricate the conversation like I demonstrated some years back or come into my account with someone else and create the conversation that way.

Some of my “guesses” were sarcastic, which is the claim of another blogger who goes around making things up out of thin air claims to be doing.

Now as for the other things my stalker lies about in her latest post:

The husband’s employer. This is a lie because he does not work for the company anymore. He is a FORMER employer. The woman lied about me trying to lose his job and after WEEKS of me telling her to either prove the call was made or come clean about her lie, I had to resolve thematter. I told her IN ADVANCE that if she did not stop with her accusations, I would be FORCED to research her accusation against me and prove her wrong.

She kept up with the lies about me so  I exercised my right to clear my name and found proof that she had lied about the whole thing.

I do not nor have I ever called family members of any of the people including the stalker. It was the exact opposite, people contacted ME and in some cases still do. Someone contacting me is how I found out that SG existed in the first place. It was WEEKS before I knew of her attacking me.BOTH my brother and sister have been the victims of scores of harassment type calls.

SG forgets that it is she who started the FOIA business. Along with MLM, they were nosing around with in my personal business for YEARS before I knew either one of them existed. I have traced their stalking of me back to at least a couple of months after Trention Duckett was reported missing.

SG claims I called LP’s college and this is a repeat of the same kind of lie that has been told for YEARS. It would be easy for most colleges to produce their call logs in the event something like this was necessary. There is no reason for me to call the college. They are not going to intervene in internet spats.

The woman who filed the restraining order LIED to the court. Also the reason she filed the order in the first place was in retaliation for me asking her why she lied to the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s department.

These recorded calls were played in a Paltalk room the sister of a confessed pedophile set up and someone else also  recorded them. When the calls were placed on Youtube, the woman got them taken down, even though they are PUBLIC RECORD as LCSO records the calls.

I quickly filed a FOIA and got the recorded calls.

I could easily have gotten the RSO quashed if I had wanted to spend a couple of grand and fly out to Arizona since Pima County requires someone disputing the order to appear IN PERSON. They will not even allow a lawyer to appear to dispute the order on behalf of their client.

What was odd is that within a week of that order, the same woman trespassed on my property and took dozens of photos of my house. She then made up a sock account and posted MODIFIED versions of the photos she took. Who in their right mind travels THOUSANDS of miles to take pictures of the same house of a man she filed a no contact order against? By doing so, she nullified the order since the purpose of the order is for both parties to stay away from each other.

Also, on the SAME DAY those photos  were taken, “someone” called and threatened my employer at the time and because of that call, I lost that job which was paying me a great deal of money.

And then there is the classic, so called threat where it is alleged that I threatened to send a convicted sex offender to the woman’s house and that of others, which was the sole reason she was granted the thing in the first place.

There were no threats made. I have no idea where the twitter posts came from since I did not make them. Social media accounts are easy to hack and it is also easy to create Twitter and Facebook posts. There are thousands of examples of this. Even the college kid stated that his accounts have been hacked as has a number of my haters. Some hacks are done through social engineering and others are done through trickery that causes the victim to give the information out. From what I understand, it does not require much skill.

The one thing my stalker has never been able to explain is how a DEAD GUY can go around and carry out any kind of threat. I think she got her idea for the fake threat from the fact that someone (likely a turd by the name of MonoxideMMAC) decided to impersonate the man in yet ANOTHER pm session.

The problem for Monoxide is that the man had been dead for YEARS. I noted this fact within my private chat room that the woman somehow had managed to get back into after being kicked out.

What else is interesting is the dead guy was none other than the Ex Husband of the unregistered sex offender that my stalker had outed sometime earlier. 

Getting back to the fake PM’s. Again, since my stalker obviously cannot read, is that Law enforcement had COPIES in the form of IMAGES of the chat. Once again, Paltalk gives one the option to SAVE THE CHAT SESSION in a specific format. It certainly is NOT an image format. IF it were a real chat, the body of the chat would have been saved and NOT the template of the chat utility that Paltalk uses.

The reason law enforcement wanted the ORIGINAL chats, if they ever existed, was to examine the technical information that would have been included in the background of the chat files. Anyone who is an expert at computer programming might know what law enforcement was looking for. Also not contained in the chats in question were TIME STAMPS. In most cases, when a file is downloaded from it’s original source, time and date information will be stored as to when the files were download. Also Paltalk chats record the exact time a post is made by each party within the chat. Law enforcement would have been able to extract those time logs.

My stalker clearly does not understand Florida’s sunshine laws. This state has one of the most liberal public information laws in the country and one of the few States that has this built into their constitution.

The gist of this law means that no matter how nonsensical the material is that is sent to any government agency, that agency is required to have it available to the public. No state agency, under any circumstances can trow anything away, no mater how nonsensical it might be. Also, since these things were sent to the Florida State Atty, they become official records, regardless of their status. The State is REQUIRED to hand the files over to the Defense and part of the DISCOVERY process. Not all discovery is evidence. It only becomes evidence when it is presented at trial. NEITHER the state nor the defense even mentioned the pm’s nor introduced them as evidence.

This would have been an obvious way for Casey Anthony’s atty to show that she might not have killed her daughter yet they never saw the light of day except on certain blogs.

I have to reiterate once more that only SCREENSHOTS of the so called PM’s exist. No ORIGINAL files exist and NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has ever come forward to sign any kind of sworn statement that the conversation ever took place.

In the case of SBD and the FALSE claim that he had anything to do with the blog where the person confessed to have a part in making them. My stalker obviously cannot READ. SBD had NOTHING to do with the blog and the claim the PM’s were fake.

The person who made the blog claims to be a married woman from Texas who, at that time was around 35 years old.

Since Holly has claimed to have called law enforcement in the area where SBD lives, it should be easy enough for her to produce a case number. I seem to recall that there has been a rather detailed conversation as to how law enforcement handles cases and therefore the same proof that is demanded of me is now demanded of HB.

It is important to note that when the confession blog was created, she instantly became involved in attempts to find out who was behind the blog and was determined to disprove the claims contained within it.

She had a beef with SBD and as a result, decided to target him since he and I had a beef with each other as well.We were bitter enemies and still are for the most part.  It is because of that dispute that it would make no sense for SBD to be writing a blog that instantly refuted what my stalker had been saying about me for years.

The last time I had checked, which was not that long ago, SBD had still been working at the same store and in the same position he was at the time of the many accusations that were made about him being behind the blog.

It would have been easy for me to point the finger at SBD as being behind the fake chats as he had pulled quite a few stunts including making prank calls where he pretended to be a Tampa area FBI agent and an agent for the IRS.

IF SBD had been behind the chats, I would have contacted both the prosecution and defense in the Anthony case and I think he would have been contacted by them as a result.

Now, as for the excuse for my stalker coming after me yet again. For an extended period of time over the past few months, a slew of “sock accounts” appeared on Twitter attacking various people. In a majority of the cases, these sock accounts would be following no one and would have no followers. The account would then “tag” the username or names of the targets of their posts. The sock accounts would only last a day or two as they would either be suspended or taken down. I have been accused of being behind these accounts as a result.

I have my stalkers blocked and in most cases, they have blocked me. Blocking someone on Twitter is useless. All it does is make it so that I do not have to read the trash they post about me when they tag my username. It is also supposed to make it so that they do not have to read my posts. We both bypass each others blocks. My stalkers started the practice and were copying all of my posts months before it was necessary for me to do the same.

As an example, when my stalker made her latest blog, she created yet ANOTHER sock account and followed ALL of my twitter accounts. Now why do that? Also, since she is using her sock name rather than her principal account, she is a likely person of interest behind the creation of the “attack socks.”

She has made dozens of socks of which many are still dormant on Twitter. She even used images of a cat I used to own in at least two of them.

My stalkers make a big deal about this blog not garnering more than three or four readers, yet they spend a lot of time archiving the blog articles and using them in their various rants.  There are millions of blogs like this in the world that only garner a few readers. Blogs got their start as a diary rather than any kind of journal. The very name Blog is an acronym for Web log which was a term coined in 1997 by  a man logging a road trip. The acronym, Blog, appeared around 1999 to describe sites such as this one.

It would be easy enough for my stalkers to simply ignore my Twitter and Blog accounts and move on but they are unable to because they need the attention. There seems to be nothing going on in the world that catches their attention for more than a second or two.

In closing there is this stark example of their stalking. A week ago, I began testing out my multimedia pc on The webcast had nothing to do with any of them. In fact there was no format of any kind. Some friends and I were trying to work out some problems I was having getting certain devices to work and it consisted of nothing more than an image of me looking at the monitors. My stalkers took screen grabs of the images and altered the images to include hard core pornography.

Most of the porn was GAY porn. So who are the stalkers now?

“Someone” even reported the content to Younow which I think could be called a LIE. Since Younow records the webcasts, they had ample proof that the complaints had no merit.

As far as I know, the pornographic images still exist on certain twitter accounts as proof that they are the stalkers and not me.

Stay tuned