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I fully understand our limited truce as it has been offered and fully agree with the reason for it. As I said before I have tolerated Tim Holmseth and his various theories because, quite simply, there are thousands like him on blogs and other social media formats. They spew their, so called tin hat theories for their limited audiences to digest.

I first became aware of him through discussions I had with Kim P out of South Florida when she offered her experiences with him. I had thought at the time that perhaps she was overreacting and I had those beliefs reinforced by others who claimed to have been at odds with the noted atty.

Over an extended period of time, based on the actions of others, I had thought that people had overreacted when it came to Mr Holmseth’s actions and while I did not support his various theories, I supported his right to speak his mind and to be left alone.

That changed, however, over the past few months when he started to make what were obviously false and defamatory  accusations against those I consider my bitter opponents. I tolerated his actions to a point because he, at least, was drawing attention away from me and I was able to go about my life in relative peace.

This came to an abrupt end when he made some of the most outlandish claims against my opponents that I simply could not let stand without saying something about those claims. He also made the mistake of including me, yet again, in his defamatory accusations.

I have a set of principals that I live by and as I said before, there are times where I absolutely have to speak up. Mr Holmseth has not only made outrages claims against me and Mr Olsen as well as others, but he has also brought these outrageous claims to the attention of various government offices including at least one Florida State Attorney.

His actions thus go far beyond making foolish remarks in a blog but have risen to the point of involving government officials in his foolishness.

I therefore accept the truce the above blog author has offered and throw in my support for whatever legal and proper actions that may be necessary to finally put a stop to Tim Holmseth’s outrageous actions.

It is a rare moment that I call for the tempering of someone’s freedom of speech but circumstances force me to take this stand.

Stay tuned