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I had made a firm commitment to disregard the actions of some individuals on the various social media sites, but because of some rather bizarre accusations being made over the past few days, I just have to speak up about this one.

I am been reading with some interest, the battles going on between a number of bloggers and Tim Holmseth, a self proclaimed journalist from Minnesota. At the heart of the current dispute is Holmseth’s accusing Thomas Olsen, who is or was known under countless internet usernames.

Under his current username Ky Jelly Exposed, Pops, as he is otherwise known, has taken issue with a majority of things that Holmseth has written and is supporting efforts to get him off of the internet.

Up until recently, Holmseth has ignored these latest attacks on his writings as he has done, for the most part, in the past. His ignoring of the latest attacks against him ended when he published thisĀ  article:

“Thomas Norman Olsen, Milton, Florida, has been identified as a participant in a satanic cult that produced and published a series of videos threatening the children of investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth.”

Now, the problem with Mr Holmseth’s claim is that it is just plain false. As many know, I am in a bitter dispute with Olsen over his false accusations against me. It would be an easy thing to sit back and let Tim Holmseth’s outlandish accusations stand. Until the date of this writing, I had done just that.

What brought me to the point of writing this article is the fact that Holmseth, once again, is being extremely careless with his writings and this time around, it is liable to be the tipping point to more effective and severe actions against him.

By reading over various comments on blogs and on Twitter, it appears that legal papers are going to be filed to compel Holmseth to not only stop with the accusations against Mr Olsen but more likely he will be ordered to take the posts down.

It will be a correct action since the accusations against Mr Olsen are not only completely baseless but are also downright nonsensical. His accusations are the clearest form of defamation I have seen on the internet as of late.

This, however, brings me to another point. Olsen is guilty of the exact same thing that he accuses Holmseth of. He hurls around baseless accusations against me and others with reckless abandon.

IF Olsen and those around them are going to rail against false, outlandish and baseless accusations against themselves, they might want to look at their own accusations of others and correct their misdeeds as well.

Another party to this latest fiasco is Deric Lostutter or as he is known, Kyanonymous. I am no fan of this character either. Deric decided to inject himself into the dispute against Holmseth by commenting on Holmseth’s blog about Mr Olsen and posting the links.

It would have been easy for me to repeat what Deric did, and post the links out of context. Deric posted the link in a manner which indicated his agreement with the accusation. My use of the link in this article certainly DOES NOT indicate my agreement with Holmseth’s article. My point of view is quite the opposite.

Mr Olsen and his supporters seem to feel that I agree with Holmseth’s actions and that I am in constant contact with him. Quite the opposite is true. I strongly disagree with what Mr Holmseth has said about Tom Olsen and I certainly am not in contact with him. Mr Holmseth pulled a similar stunt with me some time back and he has never corrected his errors regarding that action.

Once again, he is not the only one who engages in these kinds of actions.

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with what someone says or does on the internet. It is quite another to make false and outrageous claims against someone that can have unexpected and dire consequences down the road.

Holmseth needs to temper his actions and correct the erroneous statements he has made on his social media sites and at the same time, others need to do the same.

Stay tuned