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bondiWell, Tim Holmseth certainly has not given up on his attacks against a number of people on line. At least this time around, my name has not been mentioned…..yet.

I have made it perfectly clear that I do not Support what Mr Holmseth is doing but I am going to keep track of what he writes about and what the results might be from rumored legal actions being undertaken by those he has been accusing of certain outrageous actions in his recent articles.

In his latest blog article, Tim Holmseth claims to have been able to persuade Fla State Atty Pam Bondi to listen to audio recordings he claims to have:

In the article he mentions the same people he has accused before and thus may increase the degree of legal problems he faces from those who are beyond tired of his alleged harassment of them.

There has been an increasing amount of push back by those he has accused of having varying degrees of involvement in the case of a missing Florida child. He goes as far as to accuse them of being involved in a Satanic cult, human trafficking and even child pornography to some degree.

It would seem that as tempers flare, there are going to be some interesting developments on the internet in the days and weeks to come.

Stay tuned