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I have absolutely had enough with you and your outrageous conduct. I have read where you have now included me in your outlandish accusations you have been making against Mr Thomas Olsen and others. When I wrote you with my concerns I made it quite clear that I am in a bitter dispute with Mr Olsen and am not an agent for him or for any group he may or may not represent.

I may not like Mr Olsen or those he affiliates with and I may not support his actions, but I will NOT stand by and see him and others so clearly be defamed in the manner you have done in the past few days.

I have tolerated your actions so far, mainly on first amendment grounds as well as those I consider friends who give you their unwavering support. I have given you the benefit of the doubt when it came to your various theories regarding the fate of Haleigh Cummings and with your views regarding other cases you have mentioned from time to time.

As of today, I can no longer do that. Your actions have reached a point where it is clear that you need to be compelled to cease with your actions. You are NOT a true journalist as is defined by the professional standards one in that line of work has to abide by.

No matter how wrong those who have made accusations against me have been, in MOST cases, they have relied on information that exists and can be pointed to no matter how wrong that information may be.

You, Mr. Holmseth, on the other hand, seem to come up with this nonsense out of thin air. You accuse people with no document or point of reference. You have claimed that there are videos out there that prove your accusations but have produced no evidence whatsoever.

You dared going after a well known attorney and had your ass handed to you as a result. You are sloppy and you are careless. You now have not only angered those who are your enemies but those few that were supporting you in varying degrees.

You are now put on notice that I not only do NOT support you but am now throwing my support behind Mr Olsen and those who are taking legal actions to temper your outrageous conduct.

One thing my friends and foes alike are going to learn is that I am governed by a set of principals. When I see a wrong against someone, I rail against that wrong even if that someone is one who rails against me.

I suggest you govern yourself accordingly.

William K Murtaugh