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My stalker has yet again repeated her same years long lies and added some new ones for good measure. I will post each lie and offer my rebuttal:

The pm’s as posted do not exist. I have explained why once before and I will explain again. At no time with the mysterious Kyfan/Renzolovescake and over 20 other names used did I ever get into an extended conversation as displayed by my stalker’s so called evidence. At most it was one or two sentences from him followed by one or two sentences by me before I did the Paltalk equivalent of blocking him. After each block, he would create yet another name and contact me again.

Next, I made guesses over the years as to who MIGHT have done it although the key lies with at least woman who used to be one of my moderators. The PM’s were likely created by someone who had access to my log in information and could either fabricate the conversation like I demonstrated some years back or come into my account with someone else and create the conversation that way.

Some of my “guesses” were sarcastic, which is the claim of another blogger who goes around making things up out of thin air claims to be doing.

Now as for the other things my stalker lies about in her latest post:

The husband’s employer. This is a lie because he does not work for the company anymore. He is a FORMER employer. The woman lied about me trying to lose his job and after WEEKS of me telling her to either prove the call was made or come clean about her lie, I had to resolve thematter. I told her IN ADVANCE that if she did not stop with her accusations, I would be FORCED to research her accusation against me and prove her wrong.

She kept up with the lies about me so  I exercised my right to clear my name and found proof that she had lied about the whole thing.

I do not nor have I ever called family members of any of the people including the stalker. It was the exact opposite, people contacted ME and in some cases still do. Someone contacting me is how I found out that SG existed in the first place. It was WEEKS before I knew of her attacking me.BOTH my brother and sister have been the victims of scores of harassment type calls.

SG forgets that it is she who started the FOIA business. Along with MLM, they were nosing around with in my personal business for YEARS before I knew either one of them existed. I have traced their stalking of me back to at least a couple of months after Trention Duckett was reported missing.

SG claims I called LP’s college and this is a repeat of the same kind of lie that has been told for YEARS. It would be easy for most colleges to produce their call logs in the event something like this was necessary. There is no reason for me to call the college. They are not going to intervene in internet spats.

The woman who filed the restraining order LIED to the court. Also the reason she filed the order in the first place was in retaliation for me asking her why she lied to the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s department.

These recorded calls were played in a Paltalk room the sister of a confessed pedophile set up and someone else also  recorded them. When the calls were placed on Youtube, the woman got them taken down, even though they are PUBLIC RECORD as LCSO records the calls.

I quickly filed a FOIA and got the recorded calls.

I could easily have gotten the RSO quashed if I had wanted to spend a couple of grand and fly out to Arizona since Pima County requires someone disputing the order to appear IN PERSON. They will not even allow a lawyer to appear to dispute the order on behalf of their client.

What was odd is that within a week of that order, the same woman trespassed on my property and took dozens of photos of my house. She then made up a sock account and posted MODIFIED versions of the photos she took. Who in their right mind travels THOUSANDS of miles to take pictures of the same house of a man she filed a no contact order against? By doing so, she nullified the order since the purpose of the order is for both parties to stay away from each other.

Also, on the SAME DAY those photos  were taken, “someone” called and threatened my employer at the time and because of that call, I lost that job which was paying me a great deal of money.

And then there is the classic, so called threat where it is alleged that I threatened to send a convicted sex offender to the woman’s house and that of others, which was the sole reason she was granted the thing in the first place.

There were no threats made. I have no idea where the twitter posts came from since I did not make them. Social media accounts are easy to hack and it is also easy to create Twitter and Facebook posts. There are thousands of examples of this. Even the college kid stated that his accounts have been hacked as has a number of my haters. Some hacks are done through social engineering and others are done through trickery that causes the victim to give the information out. From what I understand, it does not require much skill.

The one thing my stalker has never been able to explain is how a DEAD GUY can go around and carry out any kind of threat. I think she got her idea for the fake threat from the fact that someone (likely a turd by the name of MonoxideMMAC) decided to impersonate the man in yet ANOTHER pm session.

The problem for Monoxide is that the man had been dead for YEARS. I noted this fact within my private chat room that the woman somehow had managed to get back into after being kicked out.

What else is interesting is the dead guy was none other than the Ex Husband of the unregistered sex offender that my stalker had outed sometime earlier. 

Getting back to the fake PM’s. Again, since my stalker obviously cannot read, is that Law enforcement had COPIES in the form of IMAGES of the chat. Once again, Paltalk gives one the option to SAVE THE CHAT SESSION in a specific format. It certainly is NOT an image format. IF it were a real chat, the body of the chat would have been saved and NOT the template of the chat utility that Paltalk uses.

The reason law enforcement wanted the ORIGINAL chats, if they ever existed, was to examine the technical information that would have been included in the background of the chat files. Anyone who is an expert at computer programming might know what law enforcement was looking for. Also not contained in the chats in question were TIME STAMPS. In most cases, when a file is downloaded from it’s original source, time and date information will be stored as to when the files were download. Also Paltalk chats record the exact time a post is made by each party within the chat. Law enforcement would have been able to extract those time logs.

My stalker clearly does not understand Florida’s sunshine laws. This state has one of the most liberal public information laws in the country and one of the few States that has this built into their constitution.

The gist of this law means that no matter how nonsensical the material is that is sent to any government agency, that agency is required to have it available to the public. No state agency, under any circumstances can trow anything away, no mater how nonsensical it might be. Also, since these things were sent to the Florida State Atty, they become official records, regardless of their status. The State is REQUIRED to hand the files over to the Defense and part of the DISCOVERY process. Not all discovery is evidence. It only becomes evidence when it is presented at trial. NEITHER the state nor the defense even mentioned the pm’s nor introduced them as evidence.

This would have been an obvious way for Casey Anthony’s atty to show that she might not have killed her daughter yet they never saw the light of day except on certain blogs.

I have to reiterate once more that only SCREENSHOTS of the so called PM’s exist. No ORIGINAL files exist and NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has ever come forward to sign any kind of sworn statement that the conversation ever took place.

In the case of SBD and the FALSE claim that he had anything to do with the blog where the person confessed to have a part in making them. My stalker obviously cannot READ. SBD had NOTHING to do with the blog and the claim the PM’s were fake.

The person who made the blog claims to be a married woman from Texas who, at that time was around 35 years old.

Since Holly has claimed to have called law enforcement in the area where SBD lives, it should be easy enough for her to produce a case number. I seem to recall that there has been a rather detailed conversation as to how law enforcement handles cases and therefore the same proof that is demanded of me is now demanded of HB.

It is important to note that when the confession blog was created, she instantly became involved in attempts to find out who was behind the blog and was determined to disprove the claims contained within it.

She had a beef with SBD and as a result, decided to target him since he and I had a beef with each other as well.We were bitter enemies and still are for the most part.  It is because of that dispute that it would make no sense for SBD to be writing a blog that instantly refuted what my stalker had been saying about me for years.

The last time I had checked, which was not that long ago, SBD had still been working at the same store and in the same position he was at the time of the many accusations that were made about him being behind the blog.

It would have been easy for me to point the finger at SBD as being behind the fake chats as he had pulled quite a few stunts including making prank calls where he pretended to be a Tampa area FBI agent and an agent for the IRS.

IF SBD had been behind the chats, I would have contacted both the prosecution and defense in the Anthony case and I think he would have been contacted by them as a result.

Now, as for the excuse for my stalker coming after me yet again. For an extended period of time over the past few months, a slew of “sock accounts” appeared on Twitter attacking various people. In a majority of the cases, these sock accounts would be following no one and would have no followers. The account would then “tag” the username or names of the targets of their posts. The sock accounts would only last a day or two as they would either be suspended or taken down. I have been accused of being behind these accounts as a result.

I have my stalkers blocked and in most cases, they have blocked me. Blocking someone on Twitter is useless. All it does is make it so that I do not have to read the trash they post about me when they tag my username. It is also supposed to make it so that they do not have to read my posts. We both bypass each others blocks. My stalkers started the practice and were copying all of my posts months before it was necessary for me to do the same.

As an example, when my stalker made her latest blog, she created yet ANOTHER sock account and followed ALL of my twitter accounts. Now why do that? Also, since she is using her sock name rather than her principal account, she is a likely person of interest behind the creation of the “attack socks.”

She has made dozens of socks of which many are still dormant on Twitter. She even used images of a cat I used to own in at least two of them.

My stalkers make a big deal about this blog not garnering more than three or four readers, yet they spend a lot of time archiving the blog articles and using them in their various rants.  There are millions of blogs like this in the world that only garner a few readers. Blogs got their start as a diary rather than any kind of journal. The very name Blog is an acronym for Web log which was a term coined in 1997 by  a man logging a road trip. The acronym, Blog, appeared around 1999 to describe sites such as this one.

It would be easy enough for my stalkers to simply ignore my Twitter and Blog accounts and move on but they are unable to because they need the attention. There seems to be nothing going on in the world that catches their attention for more than a second or two.

In closing there is this stark example of their stalking. A week ago, I began testing out my multimedia pc on The webcast had nothing to do with any of them. In fact there was no format of any kind. Some friends and I were trying to work out some problems I was having getting certain devices to work and it consisted of nothing more than an image of me looking at the monitors. My stalkers took screen grabs of the images and altered the images to include hard core pornography.

Most of the porn was GAY porn. So who are the stalkers now?

“Someone” even reported the content to Younow which I think could be called a LIE. Since Younow records the webcasts, they had ample proof that the complaints had no merit.

As far as I know, the pornographic images still exist on certain twitter accounts as proof that they are the stalkers and not me.

Stay tuned