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Over the past couple of days, I have been having a discussion with someone who has a beef with Timothy Holmseth over his outrageous postings on his Twitter account as well as his various blogs. The anonymous person I have been debating with seems determined to contact his employer in an effort to get him fired.

I have tried to point out to this person why this tactic is not the right way to go. First, I informed this person that an atty for at least one of the people Tim has defamed with this Satanic Cult nonsense is in the process of taking LEGAL steps to get the offending material removed and possibly Mr Holmseth’s websites shut down for good. He has violated a number of TOS rules set forth by the various blog providers and a mounting number of complaints have been lodged against them.

Even one of the parties that Holmseth has targeted wrote a blog to the individual asking him/her to back off. Apparently that did not work.

Now time will tell if the employer will ignore the information sent to them or they will act on the information and fire Mr Holmseth.

Now, what will be the net result out of all of this? It is likely Mr Holmseth will find himself homeless within a short period of time. He might do something drastic, who knows? He might also be able to file for SSDI for various reasons.

Holmseth can argue that he is unemployable for a number or reasons and thus draw as much as 1200 per month in benefits. He will also be eligible for food stamps, section 8 housing and Medicare.

None of these things are available to him now as he has a means of income. He has assets which he will surely loose because of his being fired and he will lose his residence as well since will not be able to pay rent.

One other point. Mr Holmseth might have an argument to rebut any legal action by the Florida atty. All he needs to do is march into court with the threats made against him along with any resulting action by his employer.

My opponents say that I am playing both sides. Oh really? These are the same people who yell and holler when accusing someone of contacting employers and family members. These same people now support the same thing when it comes to Holmseth and others.

These people do not like it when some out there play by THEIR RULES yet they went to continue to apply THEIR RULES with no accountability.

I will state again for those who seem to have problems comprehending the written word. I STRONGLY disagree with what Holmseth has written about those who are my opponents. I do, however, would rather see things handled legally rather than through extortion and intimidation.

Stay tuned