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Monthly Archives: August 2015

My stalker has posted what has to be at least the 20th time the PRIVATE chat that she uses as the one weapon against me and once again I state that I stand by what I said in the quote she posted.

I have explained my position regarding those PM’s. It is up to others to judge as I am fed up having to repeat myself over the matter year after year after year.

Law enforcement examined the material and came to the conclusion that they were fabrications. The conversations do not make any sense. I have also stated many times that the “inappropriate things” I said had to do with racially based and at no time did I ever say I was stalking children.

My stalker has yet to produce proof that the PM’s are genuine. All she has ever produced are IMAGES of what she claims are the chats. The other party to the chats could have easily provided the ORIGINAL chats along with a sworn statement as to their validity to law enforcement or any reliable person or organization.

As a matter of fact the PM’s found their way to the State Atty’s office where they were examined and dismissed as well. As a matter of Florida law, they were then turned over to the Defense atty along with hundreds of tin hat tips made by psychics and tin hat theory nuts.

One of those tips of Caylee Anthony was turned into the SA saying she was seen alive on the exact day she was found dead in a trash bag less than a mile from her home.

Furthermore, at least one person has come forward and CONFESSED to having fabricated the PM’s. A Produce Manager for a local supermarket was falsely accused of making the blog in question and almost lost his job as a result.

The person who claimed to be behind the fake pm’s also demonstrated how SHE claims to have done it.

Within the blog were alleged threats against the person who created the blog. The threats intensified to the point where the blogger abruptly stopped posting. I did find out a few months ago that the person is one of my followers and she still regrets her part in what took place. She indicated to me that SG knows full well the PM’s are fake but refuses to tell the truth.

My stalker has her own history to account for which she has not done. Nobody in this world is perfect and it is time my stalkers go on and find more productive things to do with their lives.


One of the reasons I am constantly attacked is the perceived outrage over what I am accused of saying in chats that keep being thrown at me and the prank phone calls.  I am reminded almost on a daily basis about what is contained within them.


I am therefore puzzled by the LACK of outrage over a post that was contained within the unwanted text session that took place at the beginning of this week. It is rare that a day does not go by when there is not a news report about ISIS and their terrorist activities.

This internet savvy group are all over the internet trying to get impressionable men and women to “rise up against the infidels.” Many of the brutal actions that have been taking place over the past few weeks have been traced by to the social media efforts of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The STILL unidentified  person who conveniently supplied the contents of the private chat to the blogger who posted them, for some strange reason, found it necessary to put such an appeal within the texts sent to me. What I find telling is that the blogger who wrote about the text session completely ignored that post in his quest to proved that “I lied” about the police report.

The blog author reminded us recently that his father served nearly a quarter century in service in this country.

If anyone should have been upset at that remark, it should have been him.

The police report was the only thing that concerned him and nothing the other party in the text session said mattered to him at all.

This is an all too familiar pattern.

Stay tuned


What on earth possessed my stalker to write such a humiliating and disgusting blog about a complete stranger?

I am wondering what the woman who found herself targeted on my stalker’s hate blog did to deserve such treatment. She may have been drunk or otherwise indisposed but she turned to the chat for help and support.

She came to the chat in hopes to find friends. She may not have been popular but she was a human being. Her actions were in the distant past and she deserves to have that past left behind.

I do not recall who the woman was, but there were a number of them like her. Not everyone is perfect and everyone of us has our flaws.

My chat was a gathering place for a variety of ordinary people. I doubt any of them could join Mensa. I do know that all of them were good people and I felt it was an honor that they chose my chat site over the thousands out there to spend part of their lives to visit.

I do know that most of them moved on to other chats and are continuing with the friendships that were created so many years ago.

I wish them all well and all the best.

Stay tuned.


Earlier today “someone” calling himself “Popsthethug” posted far and wide on Twitter that I lied. Well instead of taking the path I have when it came to the last set of text messages that I claimed were altered, I am going to state that yes, I did lie……sort of.

Now I am not going to confirm or deny exactly what that lie was or what the exact truth is that Popsthethug is veering away from, but I AM going into the CONTEXT of what caused this so called lie he is ranting about.

A couple of days ago I received this text message on my cellphone:


It was 24 hours before I saw this and needless to say, I was not too happy that someone would be doing again what was done to me almost 6 years ago. I called him a coward since he did not have the balls to identify himself. Kept going on with the accusation that started this session.


I continued to try and get this coward to reveal who he was and he continued to evade my request with his snide remarks.


In the above image, he continued on with his rant and it is here that I put in the contact number for the Orange County Sheriff’s office. IF he had something to tell them, this would be the number to call.

In the next screen shot, he becomes agitated and demands the deputy call him. I reminded him that I had given him the phone number for OCSO


For some reason, he resent the text. In this next shot, he keeps pressing me to have the deputy call him.


Next, things start to really get interesting. He now says he is going to go to his LOCAL Sheriff. I dared him to go to his Sheriff, but he is still determined that My local sheriff call him. Again I keep pressing him for a name.


During this part of the conversation we had started to look for where this number was coming from and also find out who it belonged to. To test him out, I posted the city where the number originated from, Arlington Heights, Illinois. We also dialed the number only to find out that it was a text only number.


In the next screenshot, He said to keep trying so we dialed the number again and got the same message. I pressed him once again for a name and once again he became a smart ass. At this point the number disconnected and any attempt to send texts to it failed.


The disconnect did not last long and the chat resumed. Not only did he continue with the attitude but he also kept being a smart ass.


He kept demanding the number and was getting more agitated when I refused to give it to him. 


I kept up with the guessing games but he never relented. As of this writing, the identity of this person remains a mystery.


Now, at this point the person claims not to be anyone that is part of the current dispute. I sense a lie here. The person could not even make up a username or even a fake name as others have done in the past. The person is still after the direct number for the detective.


He continues his obsession with getting the direct number while at the same time, not willing to identify himself.


Like a broken record, he keeps trying to get the number and gets more agitated when I refuse to provide him with the information. I did give him a name to ask for. I also told him to get a job since he seems to have a lot of time during business hours to be texting people. Note the time stamps.


He calls me a liar because I will not give him the number. He claims to be certain of his position that it is not against the law to give out a cellphone number of a detective without his permission. I insist once again that he needs to get a job.


Now another clue comes into the fore. The person claims to make a lot of money. I made quite a sum of money when in business so this person would have had to have one hell of an income. I still had a suspect in mind, so I kept trying to goad a name out of him.


Like a broken record he keeps trying to pry the number out of me while at the same time he is not willing to give me even the slightest idea of who he really is.



The troll demonstrates his disrespect of secretaries, which in the case of OCSO are actually trained sworn deputies assigned desk duty from time to time. The troll seems to think that law enforcement is at his beck and call and keeps demanding the number of the detective.


The demands for the number continues.


At this point I told him that if he wants to believe that I lied about the detective, so be it. He did not stop but kept on demanding the number.


At this point he posts that he started this conversation in order to prove that I lie. It was then I knew for certain that this conversation was going to be published regardless of anything I did or did not do. I did request at this point for the person put me on his do not call which is a legal way to inform someone not to continue calling or texting my cellphone.


He countered that I should do the same thing which I attempted to do without success. The request did not deter him and he continuing to berate me and then the tone of the conversation changed abruptly.


The drugs he must have been taking kicked in as he started to post nonsense along with the rather interesting post about ISIS. What I find interesting about this post is that NOBODY, including the son of a 24 year veteran of the military seemed the least bit bothered by this comment. The blogger whose father was a Viet Nam veteran did not seem the least bit bothered by the comment either.

The next post sank to a series of clowning around until he finally got back on track (the drugs must have worn off) and he went right back to demanding the detective’s number.


The reader might notice that throughout this conversation emerges. It is a familiar pattern and I will be touching on this in a future blog article. Look  very closely at the posts he makes.


I continued to hold firm and he continued to demand the number. He was not going to take no for an answer. By now he should have been satisfied that he had his proof that I lied.


He once again calls me a liar and implies that if he called the detective, things might not go so well for me and thus is the reason for me standing firm. When all else fails, he resorts to kindergarten age name calling.


Now once again, the troll seems certain he has caught me. He even goes into detail, his perception of what the policies are with OCSO when it comes to making a complaint and what the resolution of each complaint may or may not be. I neither confirm nor deny his perception, at least for now.


So, if anyone took the time to read the entire blog, I congratulate you. I included all of the chat. If anyone sees a part that I left out, feel free to enlighten me and I will put the missed item here or in a future blog article. Later on, I will do another blog article, I will add my take on what happened here.

Stay tuned






glenaThere is a lawyer from South Florida who might want to remind certain people of how the justice system works overall as well as here in Central Florida. I have read where some people are going to be having a rather interesting chat with The Florida State Attorneys office.

I actually hope they go through with that threat.

stattyoffcWhat these people do not seem to understand is that just because they Call him up or send letters, their office is not going to send men with handcuffs to my front door. They are going to do a little thing that is called INVESTIGATING.

They are going to look for and want to see EVIDENCE. They might get interested enough to want to talk to me. I am roughly a half hour from their office, so it will not be much of a drive to go down there.

When I DO go down there, I will have some material of my own for his office to review. When the investigators compare MY notes with the notes of other sources, they just might be asking those people questions they are not going to want to answer.

Let the games begin.

Stay tuned


She sure was interested enough in this blog to pull quotes from my blog. SG may CLAIM she ignored me for years but she has no way to PROVE she ignored me. The sole reason she came back is because she needed the attention once again.

It is good that SG FINALLY did something besides writing hate blogs but it was once again, temporary. Right after she got home, she is right at it once again.

The thing SG does not understand is that her WORK PRODUCT remains on the internet which is the same as not ignoring me. As I said in an earlier blog post, I had at least one high paying job application rejected as a direct result of the employer doing a Google search.

SG also did things that I NEVER did. All of those videos and files on the various websites are her doing. I did none of that.

And then there are the SCORES of altered imagery and stalking of my webcasts. I did none of that. I do not have those skills for one. There is the ONE image she is complaining about. I did not make that image and that image is MILD compared to what has been put up by her and her supporters for YEARS and continues right up  to today.

BY the way, I do not understand what her problem is with that image since her famous friend Rosanne dressed up in Nazi uniforms on many occasions and does not seem to have a problem with it.

If not for the various blogs that SG and her associates put up, I would have been a warehouse manager making a very good income with insurance and so forth and not be on SSI and struggling to get by. SG does not seem to understand that in this day in age, employers are checking social media when checking the background of applicants.

I did manage by a stroke of luck find a source of modest income that allows me to have a much better life than I would have had by solely relying on SSI which as one person in particular knows, is not a great deal of money. Housing of any kind is expensive in Florida and this is not a cheap state to live in. Anyone thinking of coming here to look for a job needs to look elsewhere unless all you want to do is make the minimum wage.

Even applicants applying for minimum wage jobs are facing the prospect of being put through a social media background check.

But, SG’s big fat ego does not allow her to comprehend this simple fact.

The events that caused her to barge into my life happened years ago. As a result of her intruding into my life, her actions and those of her entourage have caused me to lose everything yet she is still not satisfied. According to her I am supposed to just say “oh well” and move on.

I have stated time and again that all I ever wanted was for the crap she put up to go away so that I could have a fresh start. She could not grant me that simple courtesy.

She does not seem to understand that I have to defend myself from internet content that is there because she barged into my life. She has brainwashed others into believing the same nonsense including some gullible know it all twenty something from North Florida.

What SG and the others do NOT know is that I do have a lot of things that I do off the internet. I do not mention these things because prying eyes are there to pounce on me within seconds. I took photos of street signs and HB was right there to STEAL the images. STEALING is all HB knows how to do, except lying, of course. She is REAL good at that one.

There is the Younow webcast. I do not understand what was so important about my test stream that SG and her associates had to barge in and misrepresent what the content was. But then again, lying and stalking is her and her supporter’s forte. These morons also do not comprehend what Younow is or how it works. They actions demonstrate that.

SG has this ability to find liars such as her self to join her in her antics. I am not the only one, of course, SG did the same thing with Steubenville. Rather than debate the issue like an adult, she resorted to personal attacks and allowed those personal attacks to take place on her blog/forum.

Her getting Anonymous involved only made things worse. Remember Kyanonymous? Batcat, etc?

Once again there is the simple solution to this issue. Take down the blogs, forums, twitter impersonator accounts youtube videos, imagebeam files and so forth and this would all end.

It is too late to repair the damage but it would at least be a start. I put the imagebeam files she carped about on MY blog so that people can see what all the fuss was about. If readers believe the content, then so be it. Not that many will read here since they have managed to drive readers away.

I offered this solution 5 years ago when someone we both knew tried to settle the situation. When SG violated THAT agreement he saw your true colors. SG eventually turned on him as well and defamed him as well which is her style.

SG does not seem to understand that she is a public figure and as such faces more scrutiny than those of us who are not. She has been on network television, has written a book and so on and so forth.

Actions like that are making her more famous every day.

What she does not seem to understand is that as she becomes more famous, she is going to face more severe examination from the public at large and that most of this will be through MAINSTREAM media. That examination will be by people with more influence than a retired truck driver.

The mainstream media and the tabloids will be next to “pry” into her life.

She should have understood this from the article that was written about her.

Even if I were to silent once again, sooner or later someone else would come along and hold her accountable for her past actions. She has a habit of barging into matters where she does not belong.

If she is going to keep doing that, someone will make her pay the price for doing so. That someone may vary well have the resources that I do not have to finally get the truth about her out for all to see.

As someone once said “The truth shall set me free.” I just wish it would hurry up and get here.

Stay tuned



SG once again has proven that she fears the truth and throws out legal gibberish in the process. It is clear from the ROR that I used her own words in the report. She uses the disclaimer “I AM KIDDING” only AFTER the report was made.

Only AFTER the report was made did the posts in question, as well as many others came down. It is also my legal right, if I wish, to report the current and former blogs my stalker has written since I would be relying on HER OWN WORDS as well.

My stalker has threatened to put up yet ANOTHER Ripoff report against me and if so, I will rigorously defend myself there as well.

SG has made false and unwarranted accusations against me and other people since at least 2008 and it seems she has been making stalking claims against people since 2005 end earlier.

I ONLY respond to HER accusations. Had she NOT started stalking and harassing me, none of these responses would be necessary. Goddard refuses to understand that.

It does not matter to me if her defamatory blogs stay up or not. She has done unrepairable damage to me.

What I do not understand is why she thinks I am such a threat. NO HARM has been done to her over the years. She claims to be making a good deal of money and her so called business is doing just fine. The ONLY people who read this blog are her supporters. Noone else reads here.

Hardly anyone reads my Twitter account. Virtually ALL of her associates as well as herself are blocked from my twitter accounts yet they bypass my blocks. As a result of THEIR bypassing my Twitter blocks, I had no choice but to do the same.

SG continues to post altered and FALSE content on Twitter and on her abusive blog. SG went so far as to go to my Younow account and steal images of my webcast. She then altered the content, and made false representations about the contents.

Her associates then redistributed the same defamatory content.

She has done this before. Back when I had my Ustream and Paltalk accounts, she would copy HOURS of chats and repost them on her forum, altering the content by replacing proper usernames with ones she made up.

It is her BH blog and forums where evidence of her skills at altering content existed. It is likely one reason she took them down.

SG was sued for defaming a teenager and after the family spent thousands of dollars had to admit that she was incorrect and posted in public that the teenager, in fact, was NOT the mastermind of a high profile gang rape.

SG refuses to take what would be a simple and easy solution to this situation and remove ALL of her many blogs and socks account.

Her ego simply will not allow her to do so.

Stay Tuned


My stalker makes a big deal about a photo of her in a Nazi uniform that was passed around the internet briefly. The one thing I am curious about is why a DMCA complaint was never filed on that image. As far as I know, it is still out there someplace.

Second, I did not know it was altered, or that SG CLAIMED it was altered until she posted about it. The image just showed up one day.

Finally, it is the ONLY image of it’s kind I am aware of.

On the other hand there are HUNDREDS of false images of me floating around on her and her supporter’s social media sites. Most are pornographic in nature and the rest are either bigoted or homophobic.

IT is SG and her supporters that STARTED this business of posting altered images AND altered text. It is natural, therefore to look at their expert abilities at this sort of thing as evidence that they have been altering quite a bit more internet content than they admit to.

Stay tuned



One of the things an alien is required to do when obtaining citizenship in the US is the HISTORY as to how this country was created.

I am going to tackle the second lie of hers first since she obviously has a problem with the English language. What I said was a statement of FACT. I am being stalked by one person who has not bothered, for whatever reason, to become a citizen of this country. Her lack of understanding of the principals of this country is obvious by how she conducts herself.

Second, a well known “Tv Personality made the blunt statement that the owner of an Atlanta based blog is “A South African.” Now, if stating someone’s birth country or citizenship status is hating immigrants is hate speech, then he needs to be included in her accusations.

If he had NOT made that statement, I would not know that a woman who claims to be from MO is actually from a foreign country.

Final point, We are ALL immigrants since the ONLY real Americans are NATIVE Americans or as we know them, Indians. I and many others were born here so we are citizens by birth.

My point therefore was not from “immigrant hate” but directed to  those too lazy to become citizens telling me what to say and do in my own country.

Stay tuned


In her latest rant, SG once against demostrates her ability to post altered internet content. It is more than enough ability that would be needed to fake text messages and other content to give people false impressions.

She is giving the world all the proof that is needed to point the finger at her as creating most of the counterfeit content on the internet.

Since she is constantly raiding my social media sites for the images she is using, she is also proving it is she that is the stalker and not me.

Stay tuned