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holmsethLet me start this off by stating that I am still not supporting Tim Holmseth’s actions over the past few months. He has continued to make outlandish accusations against a number of people who are, I admit, not anywhere close to being supporters or friends of mine.

I came out recently stating that what Holmseth has been accusing others of is completely false. He has not brought any evidence to the fore to back up these accusations. His latest article where he claims to have contacted the Florida State Atty, Pam Bondi indicates that he is going way overboard with his actions and needs to be reigned in.

I was under the impression that legal steps were being taken to quell Holmseth’s actions and to get the offending material removed through Injunctive relief and other legal measures.

opsdhI was therefore perplexed to see that the account on Twitter that was set up to deal with Holmseth is now threatening to contact his employer in a manner that I would suspect would cause him to lose his job there.

I would think the main goal would be to have Mr Holmseth remain employed as to not become a burden to both state and federal taxpayers since he is not currently eligible for welfare or other government benefits.

It is almost certain that Mr Holmseth is NOT going to abide by the conditions of the threat and that those behind the operation will then have to go through with their threat.

It is the best solution for all of those, including myself, that object to what Mr. Holmseth has been doing , to do so in a manner that is both ethical and legal. Two wrongs do not make a right and I wish that those who have made the threats against Mr. Holmseth would reconsider what they are doing in their efforts to correct the wrongs they accuse Mr. Holmseth of doing.

Stay tuned