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Monthly Archives: September 2015

I have been following the increasingly nutty story of the kid who invented a clock. The problem is that he did not invent a damn thing. I have read article after article by engineers who have studied the thing and even one earlier today where one person reversed engineered the thing and found out something really interesting.

It turns out that the kid did not INVENT a clock. What he did do is take the thing apart and repackage it in one of those briefcase looking pencil boxes you can get off of Amazon or Ebay. In fact, I have something similar that I used for a video camera case a few years back.

When I first looked at the photo, I was a bit confused as to why an AC cord was included when the thing was supposed to have caused his problem when the alarm went off. I surely did not think he plugged the thing in when in class. The answer turned out to be rather simple. The clock has a battery back up as most did in those days that would keep time and also allow the alarm to go off in the event of a power outage.

So, in conclusion two things happened here. First, an Arab American kid took a torn apart clock to school with the alarm set and it went off causing him to eventually get arrested.

Second, an uninformed media got wind of the incident and blew it completely out of proportion. As a result, the press got a lot of people worked up and got the kid invited to the White House because someone there did not do their homework either.

The question to be asked now is, will a bunch of kids start taking things apart and putting them in enclosures in such a way that will get them invited to the White House?

Stay tuned


So to answer the question of “Do I like Levi?” I do not dislike him is the most accurate answer that I can come up with.

He is a smart and intelligent individual but at the same time he has said and done things that I do not like.

I stood idly by until recently while Tim Holmseth levied accusation after accusation against Levi and those who were his friends and supporters. I also admit that in the heat of anger, I also hurled accusations at Levi in retaliation for the same kind of accusations he hurled at me.

Before I go on, I want to make something absolutely clear. There has been no truce between Levi and myself. There has been no truce between me and anyone who supports Levi. We both remain at odds against each other. Our dispute is deep and in no way are we even the remotest of allies.

Now that I have cleared that up, It is incumbent for me to explain why my blog has taken the direction it has over the past month or longer.

I have tolerated Tim Holmseth’s writing mainly because he took the heat off of me to some extent. The ire of my opponents were directed at him and for the most part,  away from me. In retrospect, this was a mistake on my part. I have always had principals when it came to honesty and pointing out what I feel are injustices when I see them.

Due to my anger and the excuse that others deserved the kind of abuse that I have suffered, I elected to ignore what was being written by Holmseth about those who were his enemies.

I violated my own principals and beliefs.

Finally something made me finally realize that I have been wrong to stand by while Tim Holmseth violated the basic tenant of a journalist and that is to tell the truth and to provide evidence to back any accusation he was making.

When Tim Holmseth wrote that Thomas Olsen was part of a Satanic cult and also named Levi and others as being in this same cult, I finally realized that this was a wrong that could not be allowed to continue. Thus my first blog article addressing this issue was written.

Tim wrote yet another article and again I was forced to address his accusations. And then there was the last article that TIm Holmseth did and my response was yet again necessary.

To be certain there are those out there who consider me their friend who are quite angry for my recent actions but I have told them in private what I am writing here. I was roundly scolded and one close supporter informed me that she was so angry with me that she almost gave up on me.

I have a set of beliefs and standards that I live by. It was those standards and beliefs that caused me to speak out when I felt a blogger was wrong about what it was posting on its blog. The blogger was posting personal information about those it had issues with. It posted demeaning and false images. It disclosed personal information. It posted images of where the people lived and included addresses and so forth. It was an early form of doxing before the term became commonplace.

For my troubles, I have been attacked from then on until today. One would think that because of that, I would have stood back while the same thing was done to this blogger and others which I did. I was, in fact, told to stop defending my opponents and let them suffer.

However, my strong objections to this kind of behavior finally made me realize that I could not remain silent any longer. I must be true to my beliefs.

I recently wrote someone addressing my concerns regarding the direction that social media is taking. Rather than discussing the issues of the day and doing so in a respectful manner, bloggers and forum owners have sunk into the deep well of personal attacks.

Social media has turned into a joke. The person I wrote to responded that law enforcement and the main stream media no longer takes social media seriously due to the soap opera mentality we have all adopted.

One more issue I want to address is the widespread use of sock accounts to attack people with. I do not condone this practice. I strongly object to the use of anonymous sock accounts in this manner. It is one thing to have anonymous accounts to maturely address a concern or criticism but it is quite another and objectionable to use sock accounts to mount personal attacks, make false accusations or attempt to deny someone the ability to make a living.

I have noticed a gradual retreat of a majority of people from these practices. Some of us who were foes in the past now have cordial discussions, the bulk of them in private, but there are the few who still cling to the bad habits I have described above.

I would hope as this year ends there would come a time when people would just stop. Let us all agree to disagree when it comes to our various differences and move on.

We may continue to dislike each other but we can also ignore each other and allow each of us to move on with our lives and pursue more productive goals.

There are plenty of things to blog, chat, or webcast about. It is a big world out there and there is room enough for all of us.

As far as Tim Holmseth is concerned, I have said about all there is to say about him and his actions. He has made his choices and will have to live with them. I only wish he would make better ones.

Stay tuned


I was sent documentation a short while ago and after reviewing the contents, it is abundantly clear that Tim Holmseth is defying a court order that was handed down back in 2011. Holmseth cannot even mention the petitioner by the term {REDACTED} as it falls under the indirect mention provision of the order:

The respondent shall not make any direct or indirect reference about the petitioner on the internet or by use of electronic communication. The respondent shall remove all books, writings, videos, photos, recording and/or materials currently published on the internet about the petitioner forthwith.”

Holmseth, of course, violated this order right out of the starting gate. If he has named who exactly {redacted} is, in the various documents he has stated he has provided to government officials, he has compounded the offense that he has committed.

This does bring up a rather curious point. Even with all of this effort, {REDACTED} was not able to put a stop to the years of actions by Mr Holmseth and those who came to his defense as well. It makes one wonder why such an order was issued if it was not gong to be enforced.

I was informed of some of the reasons why enforcement has not taken place as of yet and those reasons make sense. It seems that the solution of the situation may bring about unexpected risks that {Redacted} does not wish to incur, at least not yet.

Stay tuned


Well, that is something I fully intend to find out. Tim Holmseth, in yet another expose’ has posted what he claims is a sworn statement that implicates {REDACTED} in some kind of a cover up in the case of missing child Haleigh Cummings.

Now, depending on who {REDACTED} is, there could be varying consequences, especially if that person is an officer of the court or in any way a public servant. The person giving the statement is said to be Karen Simmer, 53 who resides or did reside in the State of Minnesota. She claimed she was told to contact officials in the State of Florida and lie to them.

Mr Holmseth claims that the original document was signed in 2009. He has never, as far as I know, provided the original copy or image of the statement with or without the redaction of whomever is alleged to have her lie.

This is yet another of a series of severe accusations that Mr Holmseth has made in increasing frequency over the past few months.

This time, however, he may have found himself in a situation he will not be able to get out of. According to the article, he has provided a copy of the statement to Pam Bondi who is the Florida State Atty. If he has done so, the document is now a matter of public record.

The State of Florida has one of the most liberal public records laws in the United States. Free access to official records is actually in our constitution. Under our “Sunshine laws” one can file a Freedom of Information request for any document that is part of any action by any agency in the State of Florida from the local level right up to the State level.

This means that WHEN I call Tallahassee to request any record that Mr Holmseth has provided to the State Atty, I should be able to get copies of those records along with any cover letter Mr Holmseth would have provided when submitting his “evidence.”

Once I obtain copies of these records, I will be publishing them in whatever form they were submitted be they audio, video or written. If the name of the person has not been redacted, it will not be redacted here.

Stay tuned


I have been watching with increasing dismay while Tim Holmseth keeps getting worse when it comes to his strange accusations. His latest rant is now aimed at Crimewatchers and if I read correctly, even the Florida Department of Law enforcement is now being targeted with his criminal accusations being directed at them as well.

It is one thing for Tim to have offered his OPINIONS when it came to guessing the fate of Haleigh Cummings but quite another when he starts making increasingly outrageous accusations against not only those who had close ties to the Haleigh Cummings case along with a few on social media who were following certain aspects to non case actions but some others that he has had personal issues with as well, me included.

I had tolerated his various rants for quite some time since his sphere of influence was somewhat limited. However, he seems to have decided to grow more outrageous with his postings in order to gain more attention even if that attention is both detrimental and harmful to both him and the subject of his articles.

He has now not only involved an organization dedicated to fighting crime through actively seeking anonymous informants but also the one Florida law enforcement agency that is responsible to investigate the same kinds of corruption that he is accusing them of.

Mr. Holmseth has, over the past few months, accused anyone who disagrees with him of being in cults, human trafficking, child porn and so many other crimes that I have lost count. In the past, his tin hat theories s might have been  deemed harmless since Mr. Holmseth does not have that much of a following.

The problem, however, is that his postings become links on the various web search engines and those who come across these links when searching for true information may be fooled into thinking they are presented with a resource containing valid information rather than the rantings of someone who simply makes things up out of thin air.

There had been indications that a noted Florida atty that had been the target of Mr Holmseth was set to do something about his actions, but that seems not to be the case at present. Rumors have it that the atty has put the whole thing on hold for reasons that I cannot quite comprehend.

There was also an OP  (which is defined as an action undertaken to attain a certain outcome or goal) to get Mr Holmseth to both stop with his rants and take what he had written off of the internet.  The person or persons behind the twitter account to spearhead this effort deactivated their account and not a peep out of them has been seen since.

As much as I would like to see Mr Holmseth come to his senses, it seems evident by his latest postings that this is not going to happen. It is going to take strong legal action by someone to put a stop to his actions before irreversible harm is done to an innocent victim of his increasingly severe accusations.

I know from personal experience that there are always some people who will believe any nonsense spewed on the internet even when common sense dictate that they should not do so.

Such is the bane of social media.

One can only hope that there is someone with both the power and resources to either get through to Mr Holmseth or otherwise effectively deal with him so that this nonsense will come to a stop.

Stay tuned


dc15There have been a few ignorant fools that seem to want to blame me for everything that happens on twitter when the proof of otherwise is right under their noses. After binge watching Dr Who this evening and morning, I checked my e-mail to find that my Twitter account had been tagged a multitude of times by two different accounts that I have not bothered to pay attention to for quite some time.

Once again these drama queens decided to include me in their rants against a certain Twitter user who insists on posting under various sock accounts with a number of them being done in German. Since I am not added to the tags this character decides to post, I  do not get to see what all of the fuss is about unless someone decides to post what is said.

Of course there is a more likely reason for this. As some might have noticed, a certain party to the conversation has been noticeably absent for the past few days. Yes, this is the end of Labor Day weekend so the party might have been on vacation. Also absent this Labor Day Weekend was the German speaking sock accounts that had a few people complaining about a certain person once again.

dc15aI have a feeling I know where the party might have been as a clue was offered to me in a rather odd private conversation I had last week with a certain Twitter account holder who currently has taken their account off line.

Someone made a little mistake that I caught on to and I doubt they understand what that little mistake was. Someone is getting careless and if certain people would open their eyes, they might learn that they have a pretender in their midst.

It just might be that the author of the sock accounts might be someone that seems to be a master at playing games. It is something to consider.

That person has been playing both sides and nobody seems to have caught on. Either these folks are in on the game of lies or they are too stupid to see they are being played.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

Stay tuned


I am now certain that I know who has been behind the vast number of socks that have been attacking my critics for the past year or longer. It was someone I considered a friend or at least someone that I could talk to.

I even told this friend that I had thought whoever was behind the sock accounts were doing damage to me by continuing to create those things. For whatever reason I could not bring myself to suspect that this friend was the one behind the sock accounts. I do not understand the motivation in creating them.

How did I find out who made the socks? It was simple, really. In the latest sock by this person, a mistake was made. I was able to exploit that mistake and find out who it was behind the latest sock. It was not long before the rest of the pieces fell into place.

I have stated before and I state now that I consider the creation of sock accounts a foolish waste of time and is a practice that I do not engage in. Everything I post, I do so with usernames that people clearly know belongs to me. I do not hide behind anonymous usernames and I do not put my blogs in foreign countries so that nobody can trace who I am.

Unlike others, I am not afraid to let people know who it is that is writing on a blog, on Twitter, on Facebook or on any other social website where I might post something.

Others may want to cower in the cave of anonymity, but I do not.

Stay tuned