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So to answer the question of “Do I like Levi?” I do not dislike him is the most accurate answer that I can come up with.

He is a smart and intelligent individual but at the same time he has said and done things that I do not like.

I stood idly by until recently while Tim Holmseth levied accusation after accusation against Levi and those who were his friends and supporters. I also admit that in the heat of anger, I also hurled accusations at Levi in retaliation for the same kind of accusations he hurled at me.

Before I go on, I want to make something absolutely clear. There has been no truce between Levi and myself. There has been no truce between me and anyone who supports Levi. We both remain at odds against each other. Our dispute is deep and in no way are we even the remotest of allies.

Now that I have cleared that up, It is incumbent for me to explain why my blog has taken the direction it has over the past month or longer.

I have tolerated Tim Holmseth’s writing mainly because he took the heat off of me to some extent. The ire of my opponents were directed at him and for the most part,  away from me. In retrospect, this was a mistake on my part. I have always had principals when it came to honesty and pointing out what I feel are injustices when I see them.

Due to my anger and the excuse that others deserved the kind of abuse that I have suffered, I elected to ignore what was being written by Holmseth about those who were his enemies.

I violated my own principals and beliefs.

Finally something made me finally realize that I have been wrong to stand by while Tim Holmseth violated the basic tenant of a journalist and that is to tell the truth and to provide evidence to back any accusation he was making.

When Tim Holmseth wrote that Thomas Olsen was part of a Satanic cult and also named Levi and others as being in this same cult, I finally realized that this was a wrong that could not be allowed to continue. Thus my first blog article addressing this issue was written.

Tim wrote yet another article and again I was forced to address his accusations. And then there was the last article that TIm Holmseth did and my response was yet again necessary.

To be certain there are those out there who consider me their friend who are quite angry for my recent actions but I have told them in private what I am writing here. I was roundly scolded and one close supporter informed me that she was so angry with me that she almost gave up on me.

I have a set of beliefs and standards that I live by. It was those standards and beliefs that caused me to speak out when I felt a blogger was wrong about what it was posting on its blog. The blogger was posting personal information about those it had issues with. It posted demeaning and false images. It disclosed personal information. It posted images of where the people lived and included addresses and so forth. It was an early form of doxing before the term became commonplace.

For my troubles, I have been attacked from then on until today. One would think that because of that, I would have stood back while the same thing was done to this blogger and others which I did. I was, in fact, told to stop defending my opponents and let them suffer.

However, my strong objections to this kind of behavior finally made me realize that I could not remain silent any longer. I must be true to my beliefs.

I recently wrote someone addressing my concerns regarding the direction that social media is taking. Rather than discussing the issues of the day and doing so in a respectful manner, bloggers and forum owners have sunk into the deep well of personal attacks.

Social media has turned into a joke. The person I wrote to responded that law enforcement and the main stream media no longer takes social media seriously due to the soap opera mentality we have all adopted.

One more issue I want to address is the widespread use of sock accounts to attack people with. I do not condone this practice. I strongly object to the use of anonymous sock accounts in this manner. It is one thing to have anonymous accounts to maturely address a concern or criticism but it is quite another and objectionable to use sock accounts to mount personal attacks, make false accusations or attempt to deny someone the ability to make a living.

I have noticed a gradual retreat of a majority of people from these practices. Some of us who were foes in the past now have cordial discussions, the bulk of them in private, but there are the few who still cling to the bad habits I have described above.

I would hope as this year ends there would come a time when people would just stop. Let us all agree to disagree when it comes to our various differences and move on.

We may continue to dislike each other but we can also ignore each other and allow each of us to move on with our lives and pursue more productive goals.

There are plenty of things to blog, chat, or webcast about. It is a big world out there and there is room enough for all of us.

As far as Tim Holmseth is concerned, I have said about all there is to say about him and his actions. He has made his choices and will have to live with them. I only wish he would make better ones.

Stay tuned