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I have been following the increasingly nutty story of the kid who invented a clock. The problem is that he did not invent a damn thing. I have read article after article by engineers who have studied the thing and even one earlier today where one person reversed engineered the thing and found out something really interesting.

It turns out that the kid did not INVENT a clock. What he did do is take the thing apart and repackage it in one of those briefcase looking pencil boxes you can get off of Amazon or Ebay. In fact, I have something similar that I used for a video camera case a few years back.

When I first looked at the photo, I was a bit confused as to why an AC cord was included when the thing was supposed to have caused his problem when the alarm went off. I surely did not think he plugged the thing in when in class. The answer turned out to be rather simple. The clock has a battery back up as most did in those days that would keep time and also allow the alarm to go off in the event of a power outage.

So, in conclusion two things happened here. First, an Arab American kid took a torn apart clock to school with the alarm set and it went off causing him to eventually get arrested.

Second, an uninformed media got wind of the incident and blew it completely out of proportion. As a result, the press got a lot of people worked up and got the kid invited to the White House because someone there did not do their homework either.

The question to be asked now is, will a bunch of kids start taking things apart and putting them in enclosures in such a way that will get them invited to the White House?

Stay tuned