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I am now certain that I know who has been behind the vast number of socks that have been attacking my critics for the past year or longer. It was someone I considered a friend or at least someone that I could talk to.

I even told this friend that I had thought whoever was behind the sock accounts were doing damage to me by continuing to create those things. For whatever reason I could not bring myself to suspect that this friend was the one behind the sock accounts. I do not understand the motivation in creating them.

How did I find out who made the socks? It was simple, really. In the latest sock by this person, a mistake was made. I was able to exploit that mistake and find out who it was behind the latest sock. It was not long before the rest of the pieces fell into place.

I have stated before and I state now that I consider the creation of sock accounts a foolish waste of time and is a practice that I do not engage in. Everything I post, I do so with usernames that people clearly know belongs to me. I do not hide behind anonymous usernames and I do not put my blogs in foreign countries so that nobody can trace who I am.

Unlike others, I am not afraid to let people know who it is that is writing on a blog, on Twitter, on Facebook or on any other social website where I might post something.

Others may want to cower in the cave of anonymity, but I do not.

Stay tuned