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I was sent documentation a short while ago and after reviewing the contents, it is abundantly clear that Tim Holmseth is defying a court order that was handed down back in 2011. Holmseth cannot even mention the petitioner by the term {REDACTED} as it falls under the indirect mention provision of the order:

The respondent shall not make any direct or indirect reference about the petitioner on the internet or by use of electronic communication. The respondent shall remove all books, writings, videos, photos, recording and/or materials currently published on the internet about the petitioner forthwith.”

Holmseth, of course, violated this order right out of the starting gate. If he has named who exactly {redacted} is, in the various documents he has stated he has provided to government officials, he has compounded the offense that he has committed.

This does bring up a rather curious point. Even with all of this effort, {REDACTED} was not able to put a stop to the years of actions by Mr Holmseth and those who came to his defense as well. It makes one wonder why such an order was issued if it was not gong to be enforced.

I was informed of some of the reasons why enforcement has not taken place as of yet and those reasons make sense. It seems that the solution of the situation may bring about unexpected risks that {Redacted} does not wish to incur, at least not yet.

Stay tuned