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Well, that is something I fully intend to find out. Tim Holmseth, in yet another expose’ has posted what he claims is a sworn statement that implicates {REDACTED} in some kind of a cover up in the case of missing child Haleigh Cummings.

Now, depending on who {REDACTED} is, there could be varying consequences, especially if that person is an officer of the court or in any way a public servant. The person giving the statement is said to be Karen Simmer, 53 who resides or did reside in the State of Minnesota. She claimed she was told to contact officials in the State of Florida and lie to them.

Mr Holmseth claims that the original document was signed in 2009. He has never, as far as I know, provided the original copy or image of the statement with or without the redaction of whomever is alleged to have her lie.

This is yet another of a series of severe accusations that Mr Holmseth has made in increasing frequency over the past few months.

This time, however, he may have found himself in a situation he will not be able to get out of. According to the article, he has provided a copy of the statement to Pam Bondi who is the Florida State Atty. If he has done so, the document is now a matter of public record.

The State of Florida has one of the most liberal public records laws in the United States. Free access to official records is actually in our constitution. Under our “Sunshine laws” one can file a Freedom of Information request for any document that is part of any action by any agency in the State of Florida from the local level right up to the State level.

This means that WHEN I call Tallahassee to request any record that Mr Holmseth has provided to the State Atty, I should be able to get copies of those records along with any cover letter Mr Holmseth would have provided when submitting his “evidence.”

Once I obtain copies of these records, I will be publishing them in whatever form they were submitted be they audio, video or written. If the name of the person has not been redacted, it will not be redacted here.

Stay tuned