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Monthly Archives: October 2015

In just a few short days, the voters in the state of Ohio have a decision to make. Actually, they have two decisions to make. The first decision would be weather or not to legalize the sale  and use of Pot.,_Issue_3_%282015%29

The latest poll indicates that voters are evenly split between those who favor or oppose the measure. One poll has each side at 46% with an undecided 8% minority who may well be the key to passing the measure or defeating it.

Another decision the Ohio voters will have to make is to weather or not pass amendment 2 which if passed, would have the net effect of invalidating amendment 3.,_Issue_2_%282015%29

The main argument among those who oppose amendment 3 is that there would be a monopoly composed of a limited number of growers that would stand to make most of the money off the sale of pot. There is substantially less debate over the issue of weather or not pot should be legalized indicating that a majority of Ohioans may be in favor of legalizing pot if a measure was introduced that was not in the amendment 3 format.

As of this writing, it is one week before the decisions will be made. The debates on line are intensifying and getting highly personal. I would suspect this is one vote that people throughout the world will be watching.

Stay tuned


The one common thread that exists among a certain group of people is the mantra that you either agree with their side, their claims against those they consider their enemies and their points of view or suffer the consequences. I have seen proof of this play out over the years and the current dispute is clear evidence of this.

In a number of cases there are individuals who were ardent foes of me who, for whatever reason, either changed their minds or for other reasons decided not to go along with the mantra of a certain group of people.

They are now, of course, facing the consequences of their actions as their former allies are now turning against them with intense anger. The payback comes in the forms of Twitter posts and blogs mocking the “turncoats” as well as doxing, the disclosure of personal information and when all else fails, making threats of one kind or another over and over again.

While I have sometimes let my temper get the better of me, I have not resorted to the ongoing intense retaliation against anyone who has decided to disagree with me for whatever reason. People do change their minds often for reasons of their own.

You cannot please everyone and there will always be those who defy common sense and attack you for no good reason.

The best one can hope for is to move on and put these disagreements in the past.

Judging by ongoing events, there are those who simply are not capable of doing so.

Stay tuned


I have been following the antics of a few people on Twitter over the past few days and noticed some remarkable behavior. The key to all of this “excitement” has been the habit of one of them to send “messages” through her profile that appears on her PROTECTED Twitter account.

The trolls who attack her follow her profile postings with obsessed zeal.

The question one has to ask is why?

Why does the person bother to waste her time making the profile posts and why do the trolls bother to respond to her in kind?

The answer, of course, is the same that has been for years. They crave each others attention. It is the same reason one troll from Ohio makes up false narratives in order to elicit attention from me and others. The proof of this lies in an image that has been making the rounds on Twitter for several months.

The image is altered and is a lie and all who post it know it is a lie. It is also proof of a claim I have been making for years. This of course is a set of supposed text messages that have been levied against me by this SAME troll/blogger for years.

What makes this incident interesting is that the image and the text messages were introduced in the same manner . The troll/blogger publishes the material on her social media sites claiming someone else “gave it to her.”

It seems, instead, that in BOTH cases the troll/blogger CREATED THE FALSE MATERIAL HERSELF. It is a logical conclusion to come to based on her obsession with those kinds of accusations against a complete stranger. She has demonstrated in the past her talents for doing so and has expressed over the years a hatred so intense that she wishes me dead and has even offered acts of prostitution in return for acts of violence.

The troll/blogger also had a forum where, for some strange reason, she would post hours of chats from a webcast I used to operate and also altered the content of those chats thus providing more proof of her continued fraud.

What is strange is that there are others who know that her actions are highly erratic and deceptive but they go along with her antics anyway. They even commit their own acts of fraud and deception not caring that their unethical actions are obvious to outsiders and their claims are easily disproven.

Then again, it is hard to understand why people like these take the immense amount of time they have taken to engage in these frauds when there are more productive ways for them to spend their time.

These people do these things for reasons that escape logic.

That seems to be the nature of things on the internet any more. Some people simply have no life and thus engage in useless endeavours in order to draw attention to themselves.

They could choose to ignore the protected account (from which they are blocked from reading) and find more constructive ways to pass the time, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

The same holds true of the person making the profile posts. The only thing she is accomplishing by making them is to make an excuse for the trolls to mock her and attack her.

Thus the on line soap opera continues.

Stay tuned


I have to state at the onset that I am not a fan of Vicki Pate or Tamara Tattles nor do I condone the actions of the bloggers in question. That said, the blogs offer clear evidence as to why the argument made by a number of bloggers when it comes to keeping their identities confidential is not valid.

Both my friends and foes operate anonymous blogs and social media accounts. They have that right, of course, and they cite the same reasons for doing so. Some operators of the anonymous blogs take the extreme measures of having their blogs hosted in countries that have a wanton disregard for US laws and also for the purpose of not being held accountable for what is written on their blogs.    

There is one blog that is famous for attacking individuals by posting their personal information and stating things within their blog that are simply not true. A most recent example of this is a photo that was taken off of my Younow webcast and altered with a photo of a male completely nude, photoshopped onto my tv set in the background.

Younow is said to be considering legal action against the blog for misrepresenting the fact that they allowed a broadcast containing pornography on their website. The expense of finding out who is behind the blog that posted the image has deterred them from doing so at this time.

ALL of her supporters including the blogger who first introduced the photo know it is false yet nobody has come forth to disavow the lie. That is expected, of course since these people are not known for being honest and telling the truth.

It does bring up the TRUE reason why certain blogs take the measures of being anonymous and going off shore to prevent being sued or worse, being put in jail.

As evidence I bring forth Tamara Tattles. The format of this blog is the same as a number of others in that they blog about things that are simply none of their business but do so in order to fill the thirst of the dim minded for useless gossip.

Tamara Tattles once posted photos of a half finished house of a reality show star for reasons that escape me. She got sued, went to court and won. Tamara even got her legal expenses paid by her fans.

There is also another blogger who was accused of defaming a teenager by accusing him of being the mastermind of a gang rape. She was sued and won, sort of.

There is also another blogger who wrote about a high profile Georgia case who got suspended by Twitter several times who also won and is still up and running.

There are many examples out there of bloggers who operate in the open that have few if any problems when confronted by those opposed to their actions.

For better or worse, those who operate out in the open are recognized for their willingness to put their reputations behind what they say and do on line.

Those who attack others behind the cowardly anonymous  and off shore blogs and social media websites should be judged accordingly.

Stay tuned


As I have stated on a number of occasions, I do not condone what you are doing. I feel that the kinds of sock accounts you are creating are doing more harm than good. I do not feel your sock accounts are creating the effect you intended if that effect is to intimidate those you are targeting.

The problem, you see, is that the trolls and haters live for the attention you give them. It gives them the excuse they need to lash out. It gives them the excuse to write their blogs and crate their photoshopped images.

When a sock account appears attacking the haters and trolls by name, it gives them the perceived justification to mount a counter attack. It gives them their “see I told you so” moment.

There is also a second reason I am writing this blog in an effort to get you to stop making these sock accounts. I am being blamed for being a part of their creation. The trolls and the haters lack the intelligence or the maturity to understand that I have nothing to do with the sock account creation.

The haters and the trolls lack the ability to seek out the truth and find it. The proof of this is the fact that the haters and the trolls have spread the exact same lies for over a decade and have created new lies each and every day.

The truth is there for anyone who wants it to find it. The haters and the trolls know that and they look for any way to divert attention away from the truth. The sock accounts attacking them only serves to help them in that diversion.

So, unless you, the sock creator is one or more of them creating the socks to attack themselves for adverse motives, I ask that you stop.

The best way to combat haters and trolls is to completely ignore them. Yes, they will still post their lies from time to time and yes, they will do the same with the photoshopped images and so forth, but if you do not pay attention to their antics, they will be ignored.

I have learned from years of experience that confronting the haters and trolls with their lies simply does not work. They hate the truth and they hide from it.

It is best, therefore, to ignore them and simply walk away.

Stay tuned


There has been an interesting photo making the rounds on the Twitter accounts and Blogs of a group of trolls. It is proving that, once again, these people are nothing more than pathological liars. The photo is of me during a test broadcast I conducted earlier this year.

The image shows my big screen television in the background. On the screen of the tv there is an image of a naked man. Now, the claim by these liars is that I was watching a pornographic broadcast.

The problem is that the image is false. It is a lie. One of the trolls photoshopped the image that was found on a porn site on the internet. One blogger claims to have received the image in an e-mail. What is interesting is that this is the SAME blogger who claimed the exact same thing in regards to a set of private chats she has been claiming were done by me 6 years ago.

Since the conversation she rants about never took place, it is next to impossible to prove they are false. This time, however, the blogger and her friends made a big mistake. They lied about something that can be proven to be false.

The webcast, you see, took place on It is one of those multimedia chat rooms where people can gather to communicate each other. Younow does something most other services do not. Their website records the webcasts in real time.

The lying blogger and her troll friends “tuned into” the webcast and promptly posted comments about it on their twitter accounts and blogs . Almost immediately afterword the photo appeared on the various twitter accounts as well as a blog or two. Someone even contacted younow and reported the pornographic content.

That was their mistake. Younow immediately archived the webcast which means even though I deleted the webcast, they have the recording. I also have a recording of the webcast as well.

What IS important is that there is NO pornographic content on both recordings. There is, instead a reality program that was being broadcast by ABC while I was webcasting. Since the webcast was being archived at 32 fps, it offers clear evidence that the trolls were committing a blatant fraud. The same fraud that was committed with the fake chats that first appeared on the internet several years ago.

The comments and the image that are now on the blogs and twitter accounts have been documented so that when the time comes, the evidence of their misdeeds will be used in the appropriate steps that will be taken to make them accountable for their actions.

They will find out sooner or later just what those steps will be.

Until then…

Stay tuned


There is a well known lawyer in South Florida who could settle the matter of who is behind certain Twitter Sock accounts if only she was willing to do so. These sock accounts have been created for the sole purpose of attacking those she claims to be her friends have been going on now for several years.

In recent blog postings and Twitter postings, a number of the lawyer’s friends have made specific accusations as to who is behind the twitter sock accounts. Some have even threatened to take actions they deem necessary to put a stop to the production of these sock accounts and make the person or persons responsible be accountable.

The threats are not new. These threats have been made for years yet nobody seems to be willing to take that next step.


It seems more likely then not that is it one or more of these friends that are actually behind the sock accounts. What better way to attack their enemies than to create sock accounts attacking themselves in order to create an excuse to turn around and accuse their enemies of creating the sock accounts.

Once again, this falls back on the one person who could settle the matter once and for all. It would not take long. A day or two, perhaps. The cost for this wealthy lawyer would not be that great. The lawyer would be a hero to her friends. She could put a stop to that harassment in an instant.

“Requests for user account information should be directed to Twitter, Inc. in San Francisco, California or Twitter International Company in Dublin, Ireland. Twitter responds to valid legal process issued in compliance with applicable law.”

Twitter’s lead atty even has her own Twitter account which should make the process easier:

This South Florida lawyer has gone out of the way to help her friends in other, more serious matters and appropriated large sums of money in the process.

Yet, She balks at this simple and cheap solution to this ongoing problem.

The question everyone should be asking is why?

Stay Tuned


The one thing I find amazing is how certain moronic and stupid people brag how smart they are. These people brag that they have all the right answers. The post on and on about how they are so right and in the process go after the targets they assume are the correct ones.

In the process they knowingly make false claims and assumptions. Such actions, under the right circumstances, have dire consequences.

Unfortunately, by continuing to do so, this gang that cannot shoot straight are walking straight into a trap that is not of my making. Someone else is setting the trap even though they do not realize they are setting that trap.

Or do they?

October is an interesting month. Two significant events took place this month that these people have not figured out or understood as of yet. These two events will eventually be their peril. As long as their evidence remains and they continue to go down this wrong path, they create the karma that awaits them.

I am waiting for them to go through with their so called threats of action as I have been waiting for years.

I am waiting for that one mistake that will turn the tables on the “gang that cannot shoot straight.”

What surprises me the most is there are actually people out there paying some of them for certain skills for which they are wantonly NOT qualified.

Such fools are easy pickings and are parted with their money and…..their freedom.

Stay tuned


I came across this story in a link on social media and I could not believe my eyes. The folks from The Westboro Baptist Church that go around protesting anyone and anything that remotely supports Gays has turned their attention on the County Clerk that steadfastly refuses to grant licenses to same sex couples.

I would have thought that the folks at Wesboro would have thrown their full support behind their new found anti gay mistress but it seems that is not to be. In fact, Ms Davis has incurred their wrath instead.

And what has caused this strange turn of events?

It seems that the high and mighty Mrs. Davis has broken a few of those rather inconvenient commandments and this does not sit well with a lot of people, chief among those being the Westboro Baptist protesters.


As it happened, the Supreme Court of the United States, fulfilling their destiny, made same-sex marriage the law of the land. The duty of all mankind is to OBEY the laws of God and the laws of man. Enter, Kim Davis. Rowan County Kentucky Clerk, with high-dollar salary and digs, she acquired, ONLY after she took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and the laws. Kim claims that she has lived in proud sin for many years, divorcing and remarrying, not one time or two times, in fact you need a score card to keep track. Her lawyers, being smooth talking fellows say that all that was before her call to salvation two years ago when her current mother-in-law died.

Nice, tidy, cleaver, but no cigar!

Mrs. Davis is going to learn a harsh lesson about fame. It has tremendous high moments but those low moments that come along can be a real bitch.

Stay Tuned


Some years ago I was mercilessly attacked because someone accused me of seeking donations during my webcasts about the search for Caylee Anthony. I had responded at that time that in the beginning I had not sought donations but that those who wished to do so wanted to send me donations to defray the expenses I had incurred while doing so.

Those attacks have continued to this day.

Now a few years later, there was once again a heated debate about donation seeking, this time by yet another one of my harsh critics. Deric Lostutter had been involved in the Steubenville Rape case and had gotten himself into trouble with the law over alleged crimes involving the internet.

A donation drive was started to create a defense fund in the event he faced federal charges stemming out of a FBI raid of his residence. In the beginning there was support of these efforts but, eventually, that support broke down because his donation requests expanded to cover both personal and medical expenses he had incurred Over the past several years, Deric has been attacked for his various donation requests and the reasons he has cited for doing so.

Recently, a new donation site was set up by Deric to help pay the legal fees to allow his wife to seek custody of her son from her former husband.

Almost immediately, the harsh criticism was raised against Deric and his wife for this latest effort.

Now comes the irony. At the exact same time someone had set up a donation drive to help to defray the expenses of my original critic in order to cover the costs her recent surgery and living expenses to cover the time she had to take off work to have the surgery.

The claim was made that an Anonymous friend had set up the donation on her behalf.

Later, she posted the following;” Plz know it is with much humility & broken pride that I share this fundraiser friends created for me could u RT?”

I am not here to be critical of her or anyone else for having these donation drives take place. I happen to believe that anyone has the right to seek donations for anything they feel is justified. Others can decide if they wish to make a donation as a result of a request or not.

As long as the donation seekers are not doing so under fraudulent circumstances or are misrepresenting the reasons for the donation requests, they have the right to do so without incurring the kind of wrath that has taken place over the past few years.

The time is way overdue for people to rethink this issue.

Stay tuned