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As I have stated on a number of occasions, I do not condone what you are doing. I feel that the kinds of sock accounts you are creating are doing more harm than good. I do not feel your sock accounts are creating the effect you intended if that effect is to intimidate those you are targeting.

The problem, you see, is that the trolls and haters live for the attention you give them. It gives them the excuse they need to lash out. It gives them the excuse to write their blogs and crate their photoshopped images.

When a sock account appears attacking the haters and trolls by name, it gives them the perceived justification to mount a counter attack. It gives them their “see I told you so” moment.

There is also a second reason I am writing this blog in an effort to get you to stop making these sock accounts. I am being blamed for being a part of their creation. The trolls and the haters lack the intelligence or the maturity to understand that I have nothing to do with the sock account creation.

The haters and the trolls lack the ability to seek out the truth and find it. The proof of this is the fact that the haters and the trolls have spread the exact same lies for over a decade and have created new lies each and every day.

The truth is there for anyone who wants it to find it. The haters and the trolls know that and they look for any way to divert attention away from the truth. The sock accounts attacking them only serves to help them in that diversion.

So, unless you, the sock creator is one or more of them creating the socks to attack themselves for adverse motives, I ask that you stop.

The best way to combat haters and trolls is to completely ignore them. Yes, they will still post their lies from time to time and yes, they will do the same with the photoshopped images and so forth, but if you do not pay attention to their antics, they will be ignored.

I have learned from years of experience that confronting the haters and trolls with their lies simply does not work. They hate the truth and they hide from it.

It is best, therefore, to ignore them and simply walk away.

Stay tuned