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The one thing I find amazing is how certain moronic and stupid people brag how smart they are. These people brag that they have all the right answers. The post on and on about how they are so right and in the process go after the targets they assume are the correct ones.

In the process they knowingly make false claims and assumptions. Such actions, under the right circumstances, have dire consequences.

Unfortunately, by continuing to do so, this gang that cannot shoot straight are walking straight into a trap that is not of my making. Someone else is setting the trap even though they do not realize they are setting that trap.

Or do they?

October is an interesting month. Two significant events took place this month that these people have not figured out or understood as of yet. These two events will eventually be their peril. As long as their evidence remains and they continue to go down this wrong path, they create the karma that awaits them.

I am waiting for them to go through with their so called threats of action as I have been waiting for years.

I am waiting for that one mistake that will turn the tables on the “gang that cannot shoot straight.”

What surprises me the most is there are actually people out there paying some of them for certain skills for which they are wantonly NOT qualified.

Such fools are easy pickings and are parted with their money and…..their freedom.

Stay tuned