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There is a well known lawyer in South Florida who could settle the matter of who is behind certain Twitter Sock accounts if only she was willing to do so. These sock accounts have been created for the sole purpose of attacking those she claims to be her friends have been going on now for several years.

In recent blog postings and Twitter postings, a number of the lawyer’s friends have made specific accusations as to who is behind the twitter sock accounts. Some have even threatened to take actions they deem necessary to put a stop to the production of these sock accounts and make the person or persons responsible be accountable.

The threats are not new. These threats have been made for years yet nobody seems to be willing to take that next step.


It seems more likely then not that is it one or more of these friends that are actually behind the sock accounts. What better way to attack their enemies than to create sock accounts attacking themselves in order to create an excuse to turn around and accuse their enemies of creating the sock accounts.

Once again, this falls back on the one person who could settle the matter once and for all. It would not take long. A day or two, perhaps. The cost for this wealthy lawyer would not be that great. The lawyer would be a hero to her friends. She could put a stop to that harassment in an instant.

“Requests for user account information should be directed to Twitter, Inc. in San Francisco, California or Twitter International Company in Dublin, Ireland. Twitter responds to valid legal process issued in compliance with applicable law.”

Twitter’s lead atty even has her own Twitter account which should make the process easier:

This South Florida lawyer has gone out of the way to help her friends in other, more serious matters and appropriated large sums of money in the process.

Yet, She balks at this simple and cheap solution to this ongoing problem.

The question everyone should be asking is why?

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