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At the risk of being accused of playing both sides of certain disputes, I feel once again compelled to speak up about conduct that I feel is wrong. I am a man of convictions. When someone does something that I disagree with, I will make my concerns known regardless of “what side” of an issue that I may or may not be on.

Lately there has been an intense dispute going on, on Twitter regarding Deric Lostutter and those he used to be allied with during the Steubenville rape case story.

I have not taken sides in the matter and have remained neutral, that is, until this evening. I was shocked to see that Deric posted a semi nude photo of a woman on his Twitter account and identifying her. This is an act known as posting revenge porn. IF that had been done in Florida, it would have been a criminal offense as of Oct 1st of this year. Now it is true the same has been done to Deric but that still does not make it right.

I really wish that the people involved in the dispute with Deric and others would step back and take more care as to how they address each other when lodging greveinces. Family members both alive and deceased should not be brought into these discussions. The same thing holds true of children.

Once again I am seeing the children of the various parties being brought into these disputes. This is disturbing and the damages that are being caused can have consequences that nobody may not fully understand.

Nobody here is perfect and nobody is above having their faults pointed out. I include myself in this for I know damn well that I am not perfect. I have made mistakes. I am human. But I also know that one can learn by their mistakes and move on.

I would hope that people would start learning from their mistakes, correct them, and move on.