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There has been an interesting photo making the rounds on the Twitter accounts and Blogs of a group of trolls. It is proving that, once again, these people are nothing more than pathological liars. The photo is of me during a test broadcast I conducted earlier this year.

The image shows my big screen television in the background. On the screen of the tv there is an image of a naked man. Now, the claim by these liars is that I was watching a pornographic broadcast.

The problem is that the image is false. It is a lie. One of the trolls photoshopped the image that was found on a porn site on the internet. One blogger claims to have received the image in an e-mail. What is interesting is that this is the SAME blogger who claimed the exact same thing in regards to a set of private chats she has been claiming were done by me 6 years ago.

Since the conversation she rants about never took place, it is next to impossible to prove they are false. This time, however, the blogger and her friends made a big mistake. They lied about something that can be proven to be false.

The webcast, you see, took place on It is one of those multimedia chat rooms where people can gather to communicate each other. Younow does something most other services do not. Their website records the webcasts in real time.

The lying blogger and her troll friends “tuned into” the webcast and promptly posted comments about it on their twitter accounts and blogs . Almost immediately afterword the photo appeared on the various twitter accounts as well as a blog or two. Someone even contacted younow and reported the pornographic content.

That was their mistake. Younow immediately archived the webcast which means even though I deleted the webcast, they have the recording. I also have a recording of the webcast as well.

What IS important is that there is NO pornographic content on both recordings. There is, instead a reality program that was being broadcast by ABC while I was webcasting. Since the webcast was being archived at 32 fps, it offers clear evidence that the trolls were committing a blatant fraud. The same fraud that was committed with the fake chats that first appeared on the internet several years ago.

The comments and the image that are now on the blogs and twitter accounts have been documented so that when the time comes, the evidence of their misdeeds will be used in the appropriate steps that will be taken to make them accountable for their actions.

They will find out sooner or later just what those steps will be.

Until then…

Stay tuned