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I have been following the antics of a few people on Twitter over the past few days and noticed some remarkable behavior. The key to all of this “excitement” has been the habit of one of them to send “messages” through her profile that appears on her PROTECTED Twitter account.

The trolls who attack her follow her profile postings with obsessed zeal.

The question one has to ask is why?

Why does the person bother to waste her time making the profile posts and why do the trolls bother to respond to her in kind?

The answer, of course, is the same that has been for years. They crave each others attention. It is the same reason one troll from Ohio makes up false narratives in order to elicit attention from me and others. The proof of this lies in an image that has been making the rounds on Twitter for several months.

The image is altered and is a lie and all who post it know it is a lie. It is also proof of a claim I have been making for years. This of course is a set of supposed text messages that have been levied against me by this SAME troll/blogger for years.

What makes this incident interesting is that the image and the text messages were introduced in the same manner . The troll/blogger publishes the material on her social media sites claiming someone else “gave it to her.”

It seems, instead, that in BOTH cases the troll/blogger CREATED THE FALSE MATERIAL HERSELF. It is a logical conclusion to come to based on her obsession with those kinds of accusations against a complete stranger. She has demonstrated in the past her talents for doing so and has expressed over the years a hatred so intense that she wishes me dead and has even offered acts of prostitution in return for acts of violence.

The troll/blogger also had a forum where, for some strange reason, she would post hours of chats from a webcast I used to operate and also altered the content of those chats thus providing more proof of her continued fraud.

What is strange is that there are others who know that her actions are highly erratic and deceptive but they go along with her antics anyway. They even commit their own acts of fraud and deception not caring that their unethical actions are obvious to outsiders and their claims are easily disproven.

Then again, it is hard to understand why people like these take the immense amount of time they have taken to engage in these frauds when there are more productive ways for them to spend their time.

These people do these things for reasons that escape logic.

That seems to be the nature of things on the internet any more. Some people simply have no life and thus engage in useless endeavours in order to draw attention to themselves.

They could choose to ignore the protected account (from which they are blocked from reading) and find more constructive ways to pass the time, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

The same holds true of the person making the profile posts. The only thing she is accomplishing by making them is to make an excuse for the trolls to mock her and attack her.

Thus the on line soap opera continues.

Stay tuned