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I have to state at the onset that I am not a fan of Vicki Pate or Tamara Tattles nor do I condone the actions of the bloggers in question. That said, the blogs offer clear evidence as to why the argument made by a number of bloggers when it comes to keeping their identities confidential is not valid.

Both my friends and foes operate anonymous blogs and social media accounts. They have that right, of course, and they cite the same reasons for doing so. Some operators of the anonymous blogs take the extreme measures of having their blogs hosted in countries that have a wanton disregard for US laws and also for the purpose of not being held accountable for what is written on their blogs.    

There is one blog that is famous for attacking individuals by posting their personal information and stating things within their blog that are simply not true. A most recent example of this is a photo that was taken off of my Younow webcast and altered with a photo of a male completely nude, photoshopped onto my tv set in the background.

Younow is said to be considering legal action against the blog for misrepresenting the fact that they allowed a broadcast containing pornography on their website. The expense of finding out who is behind the blog that posted the image has deterred them from doing so at this time.

ALL of her supporters including the blogger who first introduced the photo know it is false yet nobody has come forth to disavow the lie. That is expected, of course since these people are not known for being honest and telling the truth.

It does bring up the TRUE reason why certain blogs take the measures of being anonymous and going off shore to prevent being sued or worse, being put in jail.

As evidence I bring forth Tamara Tattles. The format of this blog is the same as a number of others in that they blog about things that are simply none of their business but do so in order to fill the thirst of the dim minded for useless gossip.

Tamara Tattles once posted photos of a half finished house of a reality show star for reasons that escape me. She got sued, went to court and won. Tamara even got her legal expenses paid by her fans.

There is also another blogger who was accused of defaming a teenager by accusing him of being the mastermind of a gang rape. She was sued and won, sort of.

There is also another blogger who wrote about a high profile Georgia case who got suspended by Twitter several times who also won and is still up and running.

There are many examples out there of bloggers who operate in the open that have few if any problems when confronted by those opposed to their actions.

For better or worse, those who operate out in the open are recognized for their willingness to put their reputations behind what they say and do on line.

Those who attack others behind the cowardly anonymous  and off shore blogs and social media websites should be judged accordingly.

Stay tuned