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Some years ago I was mercilessly attacked because someone accused me of seeking donations during my webcasts about the search for Caylee Anthony. I had responded at that time that in the beginning I had not sought donations but that those who wished to do so wanted to send me donations to defray the expenses I had incurred while doing so.

Those attacks have continued to this day.

Now a few years later, there was once again a heated debate about donation seeking, this time by yet another one of my harsh critics. Deric Lostutter had been involved in the Steubenville Rape case and had gotten himself into trouble with the law over alleged crimes involving the internet.

A donation drive was started to create a defense fund in the event he faced federal charges stemming out of a FBI raid of his residence. In the beginning there was support of these efforts but, eventually, that support broke down because his donation requests expanded to cover both personal and medical expenses he had incurred Over the past several years, Deric has been attacked for his various donation requests and the reasons he has cited for doing so.

Recently, a new donation site was set up by Deric to help pay the legal fees to allow his wife to seek custody of her son from her former husband.

Almost immediately, the harsh criticism was raised against Deric and his wife for this latest effort.

Now comes the irony. At the exact same time someone had set up a donation drive to help to defray the expenses of my original critic in order to cover the costs her recent surgery and living expenses to cover the time she had to take off work to have the surgery.

The claim was made that an Anonymous friend had set up the donation on her behalf.

Later, she posted the following;” Plz know it is with much humility & broken pride that I share this fundraiser friends created for me could u RT?”

I am not here to be critical of her or anyone else for having these donation drives take place. I happen to believe that anyone has the right to seek donations for anything they feel is justified. Others can decide if they wish to make a donation as a result of a request or not.

As long as the donation seekers are not doing so under fraudulent circumstances or are misrepresenting the reasons for the donation requests, they have the right to do so without incurring the kind of wrath that has taken place over the past few years.

The time is way overdue for people to rethink this issue.

Stay tuned