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In just a few short days, the voters in the state of Ohio have a decision to make. Actually, they have two decisions to make. The first decision would be weather or not to legalize the saleĀ  and use of Pot.,_Issue_3_%282015%29

The latest poll indicates that voters are evenly split between those who favor or oppose the measure. One poll has each side at 46% with an undecided 8% minority who may well be the key to passing the measure or defeating it.

Another decision the Ohio voters will have to make is to weather or not pass amendment 2 which if passed, would have the net effect of invalidating amendment 3.,_Issue_2_%282015%29

The main argument among those who oppose amendment 3 is that there would be a monopoly composed of a limited number of growers that would stand to make most of the money off the sale of pot. There is substantially less debate over the issue of weather or not pot should be legalized indicating that a majority of Ohioans may be in favor of legalizing pot if a measure was introduced that was not in the amendment 3 format.

As of this writing, it is one week before the decisions will be made. The debates on line are intensifying and getting highly personal. I would suspect this is one vote that people throughout the world will be watching.

Stay tuned