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The one common thread that exists among a certain group of people is the mantra that you either agree with their side, their claims against those they consider their enemies and their points of view or suffer the consequences. I have seen proof of this play out over the years and the current dispute is clear evidence of this.

In a number of cases there are individuals who were ardent foes of me who, for whatever reason, either changed their minds or for other reasons decided not to go along with the mantra of a certain group of people.

They are now, of course, facing the consequences of their actions as their former allies are now turning against them with intense anger. The payback comes in the forms of Twitter posts and blogs mocking the “turncoats” as well as doxing, the disclosure of personal information and when all else fails, making threats of one kind or another over and over again.

While I have sometimes let my temper get the better of me, I have not resorted to the ongoing intense retaliation against anyone who has decided to disagree with me for whatever reason. People do change their minds often for reasons of their own.

You cannot please everyone and there will always be those who defy common sense and attack you for no good reason.

The best one can hope for is to move on and put these disagreements in the past.

Judging by ongoing events, there are those who simply are not capable of doing so.

Stay tuned