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I would suspect that there are a number of people out there that think that I am celebrating the announcement by Thomas Olsen that he is turning himself into the Santa Rosa court tomorrow to account for his actions over the past few months.

I am not.

pops1pops2.pngAlthough I have serious issues with the one we know as “Pops” I would not wish what he is about to face upon him. He had good intentions although they¬† were mistaken ones when engaging me in the disputes we had between each other. He was doing what he felt was right although I feel he was wrong.

His actions were based on biased and untrue information given to him by someone he admired and considered a friend. At least he was loyal and for that I give him credit.

His going to jail will change nothing. Instead the life of a bright young man will be wasted because of a decision he made in January of this year.

There is at least the hope that he will make the best of what will be a tough time ahead. In time, he just might emerge a much better person.

He has friends out there that will be wishing him the best. To the surprise of some out there, I will be one of them.

Stay tuned