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french model

In surfing the various social media websites recently I found myself somewhat surprised that a lot of people will take at face value what is posted on line absolutely without question.

It is amazing the kinds of outlandish things that get posted on line that people will believe without so much as a minor fact checking effort. Things that defy common sense are taken as fact almost instantly.


There are, of course, fact checking websites out there that track down these falsehoods and publish proof as to why these things are false. The problem is that by the time the proof is cited to debunk this nonsense, the damage has already been done.

The recent significant events throughout the world as well as the heated and unusual political election season has provided the fodder for the generation of pure nonsense that has polluted the various social media websites.

This all reminds me of the State Farm “He is a French Model” that pointed out how gullible people are who view the massive amount of false content on the internet to this day.

It is unfortunate that people have yet to learn the basic lesson that one cannot believe everything they see on line.

Stay tuned