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Monthly Archives: November 2015

There are a number of developments that have been taking place over the past few months in the Justice department and congress to reduce the sentences of non violent drug offenders now in federal and state prisons.

How, one may ask, does this have anything to do with a missing child?

For the answer, one only has to research the story of Haleigh Cummings, who, One late February night vanished without a trace from her bedroom. Both her biological father and his then girlfriend were and are persons of interest by law enforcement trying to solve Haleigh’s disappearance.

Shortly after Haleigh disappeared both Ron and Misty were caught selling drugs in an undercover sting. They are both currently serving their time in Florida State Prison. Since the US Government has decided to reduce the sentencing of drug offenders such as Ron and Misty and the various state governments are considering doing the same, it is quite possible that Ron and Misty may find themselves back on the street earlier than either of them expected.

The next question to be asked is what would they do upon their release? Would Ron Cummings be motivated to seek the answer to the one question we all still have:

What the hell happened to Haleigh?

Stay tuned


A new story on line is once again addressing the issue of people begging for money on the various donation platforms for such things as weddings, personal expenses and other personal matters. It is getting more and more common to see individuals going on these sites and asking for money for themselves rather than a high interest issue such as cancer research or an effort to fight diabetes.

Even those who in the past who objected to personal donation drives have jumped on the “begging for money” bandwagon.

One former critic of the practice uses the excuse that it was not her but “someone else” who encouraged her to start the fund:

“Plz know it is with much humility & broken pride that I share this fundraiser friends created for me could u RT? “

This comes on the heels of her and others partaking in an extensive on line war criticizing a member of the Anonymous hacktivist group for doing the exact same thing.

There is no telling if this practice will ever stop or the complaints that are increasing about the abuse of such efforts will continue.

One net result will be that more and more people will simply ignore the begging and the fad will go the way of others.

There was recently a case out of Cleveland, Ohio where a boy that had been missing for 13 years had been found alive. When the story first broke, all that was said is that he was found because of a tip. Recently, however, it turns out that it was the teenager, himself, who discovered who he was.

What is striking to me about this is that his story was almost similar to the fictional The Angry Giant essay I wrote almost a decade ago. I was speculating that Trenton Duckett might have been handed over to someone his mother trused before she committed suicide. It was a “what if” story that I soon forgot about over the passage of time.

Every once in a while, my stalkers would publish the essay, without my permission, of course, and misrepresent why I wrote it. One hater even mistakenly said it was a “caretaker letter.” which was completely wrong.

In both cases, the outcome was the same. Both the fictional and real missing child found out on their own who they were. Both got retribution as their caretakers were arrested and jailed.

There are other missing children out there. Will more of them, someday, find out for themselves, that they have been living a lie?

Stay tuned


According to documents obtained from the Santa Rosa County Clerk of the court, Thomas Norman Olsen, known by his Twitter handle A criminal summons has been issued for him to appear in the Santa Rosa county court the First of December to answer the charges against him.

Recently, Olsen has put his Twitter account in protect mode, a practice he has criticized others of doing. Some who are allowed to see his account have claimed that he never intended to comply with the court order.

It is unknown at this time if the lawyer from South Florida will lose the $15,ooo she put up in order to secure Mr. Olsen’s release.

When the attempt was made to serve the summons, his father told the Sheriff that Olsen had not been in contact with the family in over a month prior to Oct, 27th. This means that nobody within the family knew the whereabouts of Mr Olsen since immediately after his agreement with The State of Florida.

The state has withdrawn its agreement with Mr Olsen which means that if he is adjudicated guilty of the original charges, He will have to serve the full sentences as mandated under Florida sentencing guidelines.

It is also unknown at this point, what action the court will take if Mr Olsen does not appear in December.

Stay tuned


Well, Tim Holmseth is starting November 2015 with a bang. He has posted an article declaring that Thomas Norman Olsen, a well known player on the internet and currently engaged in an internet dispute with Deric Lostutter is “on the run.” This might explain why his current Twitter account went into lock down.

I checked the image and went to the Santa Rosa court records page for Mr Olsen and found that the last entry is October 21 which is only a couple of weeks ago. There had been postings by Thomas around that time on his then open Twitter account challenging Lostutter to a fight. He claimed to be within the general area of Lostutter’s current residence.

It was shortly after those postings that Olsen locked his twitter account and nothing has been said about him since. I would suspect that the article by Tim Holmseth may end that silence.

Holmseth has apparently written to the state accusing Olsen of being part of a satanic cult and of posting child pornography.

From Holmseth’s article:

Timothy Charles Holmseth emailed States Attorney Jason English in Santa Rosa County, Florida and reported Olsen.

“The purpose of this correspondence is not to provide you with every single piece of evidence I possess, as it would be extremely voluminous. Therefore, I will provide you with prima facie evidence that THOMAS NORMAN OLSEN is in violation of his probation,” Holmseth said.”

In the letter, Holmseth further stated”

“I have information that Mr. Olsen is the individual; or is directly involved with a group of individuals, that has published three videos targeting me and my children. The videos contain patently false allegations, and constitute sexual threats upon my children, including my [REDACTED]-old son; one video suggests that my un-born grandchild will be immediately taken (kidnapped) after he/she is born,” Holmseth said.

Holmseth explained to English why he is being targeted.

“I recently published audio interviews I obtained as an investigative journalist. In the audios, members of a child sex trafficking underground are captured discussing child pornography depicting the sexual abuse of the missing child HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings. SEE/LISTEN ATTACHED AUDIO FILE,”

In the letter, Holmseth makes a serious accusation:

THOMAS NORMAN OLSEN, and his cohorts, then attacked my children, including a threat to kidnap my unborn grandchild after he/she is born, and the threats continue to this day”

Those accusations are certain to gain the attention of state officials and any out of state law enforcement agency that gets a BOLO notice regarding Olsen.

It should be noted that an image that Olsen is accused of creating is circulating on a number of blogs showing a naked male on a tv screen. It is obvious that the image was placed (photoshopped) over different content but does provide evidence of Olsen’s fascination with pornography. Since no one has come forward with the name of who actually created the false image, Olsen remains as the primary suspect.

I had expected that Olsen would violate the terms of his agreement but I am surprised that it was so soon after the agreement with the state was made.

Now we will have to wait and see if he is able to wiggle out of this mess or if he will shortly be officially labeled as a convicted felon and become a guest of the State of Florida

Stay tuned