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It is not uncommon to see images on the internet along with a caption accusing the subject of the image of making a comment, doing something or displaying something the subject subsequently denies.

Since the content, in some cases, is so extremely convincing, the person denying what is posted is often mocked and derided because he/she “cannot face what is clearly shown to be the truth.”

In the case cited in this blog article, a man is shown holding a copy of the Quran. The subject is also wearing a suicide vest.

In addition, the image was used in a European television station video thus giving the impression that the image of an alleged terrorist was fact checked by the mainstream media outlet.

It turns out that it was an elaborate hoax that was so convincing that it fooled a mainstream media outlet.

Fortunately, there is at least one website that is taking the time to investigate stories like this and who publishes the truth of what is being posted on the internet.

It is, of course, not uncommon for these kinds of hoaxes to be pulled by those who have the skills to make such convincing material. The problem is that now there are hundreds of copies of the “terrorist” image floating around thus fueling the increasing anger in the world over the terrorist attacks in Paris.

It is quite likely that there is at least one idiot out there who may know who that person is and where he lives or works who would exact revenge for the killings in Paris by who they perceive as one of the members of ISIS.

There are those out there who do not use common sense and who either do not bother to check out the facts or who do not have the skills to do so who are convinced when these kinds of frauds find their way on the internet.

In most cases they  trust the sources of the false content or allow their various biases to take over and refuse to consider that what they are seeing is a lie.

It is because of people who are too lazy to think that the life of the man in that image may now be in peril.

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