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pbombWe live in a “Polaroid” society where we want quick answers to the reason certain events occur. Most of us tend to jump at a simple, detail free answer to the various questions about the cause and effect of the important things that happen everyday.

blmWe live by the headline. We accept the sound bytes that we see on the evening newscasts. Rather than take the time to study in depth the why and how things happen, we look for the quick and short answers.

isis.jpgThe consequences of this kind of thinking can have profound ramifications if it continues. What makes an event significant is generally due to a build up of a multitude of ordinary events that lead up to it.

It is these underlining causes that must be examined in order to fully understand why things get to the way they are. There are many examples of why people need to take more time to understand why certain things are happening in the world.

congress.jpgThe recent terrorist incident in Paris is a prime example. Most of the ongoing debates taking place are due to the simplistic conclusions made by those reading about what happened over there. What they are NOT doing is engaging in fully informed debates.

My intent here is not to detail what I feel led to the Paris incident but to point out that it might be better if people take the time to study in detail the why and how things got to the point to where 130 people died for what seems no other reason that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

pcanadidatesWe will be electing a president next year and it is important that in doing so that those few of us that will vote make an informed decision. The fate of the world will be decided by whoever is elected to spend the next four or eight years in office.

There are other decisions being made right now based on what I feel is a rush to judgement. Not enough time has been spent studying what led us to this point and the potential for serious mistakes is there.

This is not only in the area of the Refugee situation or the problem with ISIS but in many other areas as well.

We may lose some of our liberties because of the decisions made by those in government who decide that one course of action or other is necessary in order to protect our way of life.

There is the issue of gun control, stepped up security at airports, bus depots, train stations and so forth.

There is the danger of increased monitoring of internet traffic and other means of telecommunications.

Because of the strained relations the public is having with law enforcement, other decisions are being made as well, many of which are rash and are attempts to make quick fixes to a long term problem.

We want fast answers and fast solutions when the answers should come slowly with a thorough examination of all the relevant factors. The decisions to be made should also be done thoroughly and over time.

This will likely not take place and some time down the road we will make the same mistakes as we continue to seek the simple answers to significant events that are not so simple.

Stay tuned