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signalchartThere has been a centuries long debate about weather or not we are alone in this vast universe. The question has been asked many times over “are we alone?”

My answer is, no we are not.

There are countless stars out there being orbited by countless more planets. Among those countless planets are those planets able to support life. Thus there are countless planets that ARE supporting life.

So, why hasn’t ET phoned?

The answer is quite obvious, we are on their extraterrestrial do not call list.

marconi.jpgConsider this. We have been transmitting our various radio and television transmissions since the first wireless transmission was sent around 1896 or so. Depending on the frequency being used when making wireless transmissions, those signals will leave the Earth and continue out into space. That means that any planet or object in space will have picked up these signals if they were within a 120 mile wide radio bubble. One has to think multidimensionally,  remember.


Just think of what we have been sending out there for the past hundred or so years.


All of the wars, all of the hate, the racism, the bigotry. All of our little squabbles and all of our dirty laundry is being sent, right this second “out there” for all to see.


Put yourself into the mind of what would obviously be an advanced civilization receiving all of these transmissions. They must be asking themselves “who the hell are these people?”

Some committee out there would certainly come to the conclusion that we are not the kind of people they need to be having anything to do with.

There is probably some kind of intergalactic quarantine memo being passed around among some federation of planets to stay the hell away from here.

So we will remain alone and ignorant here in our little galaxy fighting among ourselves while the universe laughs at us, pities us and ignores us.

Stay tuned