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Monthly Archives: December 2015

nppaThe one thing that has struck me as 2015 comes to an end and my vow not to discuss the group of haters and trolls who have stalked me for over a decade, is about to take place, is how perfect my haters and trolls are. Not one of them, it seems, has ever made one single mistake.

perfectThese perfect people have never done anything wrong or incorrect. These perfect people have never wrongfully accused someone of saying something or doing something.

perfect2These perfect people drone on and on preaching to those of us who make mistakes. Unfortunately we cannot be the perfect people.

We who are not perfect have made mistakes and probably will make a lot more of them  in the future.

We who are not perfect learn from our mistakes and try to be better people as a result.

Since the perfect people do not make any mistakes, they have nothing with which to learn from, this must mean that the perfect people are pretty damn stupid.

Stay tuned


As of this writing it is just under 24 hours before the format changes of BOTH blogs are announced and takes place.

This blog will remain in use along with the new blog after the first of the year.

The new blog will involve subject matter that I have not discussed extensively in a long time as well as new developments related to that subject that I will explain tomorrow evening.

No matter how hard the stalkers, haters and trolls try, I will not be baited into playing their games any longer.

Those people have demonstrated that they have no moral compass or respect for the lives of others so they no longer deserve any attention from anyone.

I would suggest that anyone who discusses these people do so without mentioning their names.

With any luck, they will fade away into obscurity or at least direct their attention elsewhere.

Stay tuned


trollI find it funny that the Begger Princess is using every excuse to explain why it is necessary to have a pinned Donation Begging tweet on her account and having her friends have the exact same donation message on their accounts.

internetpoliceThe Begger Princess seems to have appointed herself an internet cop and claims that she has the right and justification to determine who can seek donations and who cannot.

femliar.jpgThe Begger Princess also misrepresents the circumstances that started her lie yet again as she does of many other things,  but enough of that.

The Begger Princess must have a memory problem since I remember a blog many years ago where she was having a “problem” with the landlord of an apartment she lived in and needed to find away to get out of that little mess.

Also, in her latest rant, The begger Princess claims that she has had to “put up” with me for the past 10 years.

It is the other way around and the Begger Princess knows it. The evidence is quite clear in both the LATEST blog made solely to attack ME and the MANY twitter accounts she has created for the sole purpose of attacking me.

How many Twitter accounts does the Begger Princess have? at least 12 that I know of and probably more than that.

And there was that “secret forum” where the Begger Princess somehow managed to get the chat logs of a PASSWORD PROTECTED chat room and posted them on that secret forum.

The Begger Princess likes to complain, along with her other lackeys about bypassing blocks but does not seem to mind overriding password protected website that has at is purpose keeping trolls like her OUT.

HER conduct and those of others who were part of her group is clear proof of THEIR stalking.

As for proof of her ability to create ALTERED content, there is the way the chats were posted on her “secret forum.” My username as well as that of many of the chatters were CHANGED. The Begger Princess has never explained how she managed to pull off that stunt.

In fact, she took great pleasure about bragging about it. Yet, when I claim the PM’S that, coincidentally FIRST appeared in HER blog and forum, she was real quick to dismiss the altered content claim and even tried to say that it was impossible to do so.

Well, the Begger Princess can celebrate the fact that I know full well that she will NEVER tell the truth and I have decided to move on.

At 10 PM  on December 31, 2015 I will  post details on the new blog. It will then be a wait and see how long it will take before the trolls start attacking me yet again and the new websites as well.

It will not be a question of IF the trolls cannot move on it will be a question of WHEN the trolls start their old habits in the new year.

countdownAny bets, folks? Let the countdown begin. Mine will start on new years day EST.

Stay tuned


The Begger Princess who claims to be too sick to work yet has the time to binge blog seems to have a reading problem. Her reading problem is that for whatever strange reason she seems to be compelled this blog and then gripe about it.

The Begger Princess cannot stand the fact that I am no longer going to address the MASSIVE number of lies she has told about me for what is now going on a DECADE.

What I find odd about this binge blogging of hers is that she is on the internet almost non stop. The proof is in her various KNOWN blogs and other social media accounts as well as in those blogs and sock accounts she is SUSPECTED of being on. Her so called business consists primarily of being on a computer and is an occupation that could easily be done at home.

There is absolutely no excuse for the Begger Princess to be lounging at home while begging for living expenses. There are tens of thousands of people out there who are worse off physically who are able to find something to do to earn a living.

The Begger Princess goes after people demanding they get a job, well it is about time the Begger Princess does the same.

Stay Tuned



I suspect that the latest attacks on me had to do with the rumor that there is some sort of grand alliance between me and Deric. Umm, no there is not. I had tried to talk some sense into Deric when I saw his actions were going in a direction that he would not be able to get himself out of.

Like others I tried to give my opinions and concerns to, he did not listen and he is now in a situation of his own making.

Deric and I are certainly not friends. I cannot call us enemies either. We are two people who have had a common enemy so to speak.

People need to understand that Deric and I had a history and it was not a good one. Deric has yet to come forth and admit that the actions he took against me were wrong and based on bad information.

Because of that there can never be a complete trust and friendship between us.

Deric needs to clean up his act, not to end the stalking by his enemies but for his own good and for that of his family. He is about to become a father and he has a business to run. He needs to provide food, shelter and support for his family.

He needs to correct his past mistakes and join mainstream society. Deric should immediately disassociate himself from Anonymous. It is not a good fit for him to continue that association. He needs to find better avenues for any activism he might choose to get involved in.

Deric’s life and plight is something I am not interested in. Deric’s problems is another one of those subjects I am moving away from. I do not have a dog in the fight he finds himself in.

Stay tuned


kywisecrackI woke up this morning to find this little wise crack in my notifications. Mr. Olsen seems to think that I do not mean what I say and also accuses me of “playing in the background.”

Well, if Mr Olsen wants to know “who plays in the background” I suggest he start Googling some usernames, MurthavenFlorida,Tardwitnessone and so forth. He will find that this is NOT the first time I tried to leave the trolls AND the coverage of true crime behind.

mh1Way back in 2009 or so I attempted to drop the coverage of the missing child cases and move on to something else, namely to create a multimedia chat that would cover everyday subjects about Florida.

My primary audience has always been retirees, like me that have interests that are entirely different than people of  Mr. Olsen’s age bracket.

The vast majority of people in my age bracket could give a damn about Anonymous, who is seeking donations, or who is running around the state of Florida with a stolen gun, money and pick up truck. They certainly are not interested in someone who is fighting a custody battle in some far off place.

People in my age bracket are interested in things that affects us in our immediate lives. Social Security, medical issues, issues having to deal with retirement sightseeing and travel and so forth.

It is this demographic I am trying to engage with. They are my peers. I had tried to reach out to the younger members of the internet (ages 25-45) but they have their separate world and separate agenda.

When I made the original decision to change the format of my internet presence, I announced that I would be creating Murthaven Florida on Paltalk which was my primary multimedia site at that time.

Two things happened, however. The first thing is that a blog, and several Twitter sites sprang up both with the Murthaven Florida title and variations of my Murtwitnessone username, one of which is the current troll attacking me.

I also started playing on line games, such as Farmville, but the trolls could not even leave me be when I did THAT!

Explain this STILL ACTIVE twitter account, Mr Olsen:

There was even a battle between me and the troll over the use of the MurthavenFlorida name. Since trolls do not respect the works and rights of others, it was a losing battle.

The second thing that happened is that someone attempted to steal the Murtwitnessone title of the original channel. Because of the quick thinking of a former friend of my primary stalker, that attempt was blocked.

Guess who it is behind many of these various sock accounts and there are a lot of them. Even on Youstream where all of this started.

I have tried time and again to leave the stalkers and trolls behind only to be dragged back into defending myself by YOU and your friends. It is not me that is playing in the background,it is you and your friends that cannot let things remain in the past and move on.

Now you have your primary mission to keep you busy. You have claimed to have one a great victory in seeing Deric go through his personal hell, much of what is his own doing.

Since you are hell bent on being a burr up Deric’s ass, then knock yourself out and leave me the hell alone. As I said, I am NOT going to mention you or any of your friends again. It is not worth it.

It is not me that cannot move on, it is you and your friends. Your actions prove it on a daily basis.

Remember when I was doing a test stream on my Younow account? Someone decided to troll it and a gay porn image appeared on a screenshot of the broadcast site.

Guess who the FIRST person was that posted the image? And guess who ELSE linked the image to their accounts?

You always wanted proof how false content about me gets posted? Well you provided the proof yourself.You knew the image was a fake but never told the truth about it. That is how you and your friends work.

You and your friends know that over time, people forget that the image was “satire” or a “joke.” New viewers of the material come to believe the image is genuine and all efforts to bring out the truth about it is futile.

So, if you truly want to move on, Mr Olsen, why not tell the world that the Younow image was modified and that I did NOT have pornography on the tv in the background.

Are you man enough to do that?

The dozens of blogs, twitter accounts, Youtube accounts, and file sharing accounts attacking me prove what I say on a daily basis.

You wanted this to end? Here is your chance to prove it. You will see late Thursday, what the new format is going to be of the new blog and associated accounts.

You will see that the new format will have NOTHING to do with You, your friends in Ohio, Levi, Kim and everyone else that is in this  current internet soap opera.

The new format is completely different than true crime social media. No discussion of missing or exploited children or of cyber bullying and abuse. And certainly not politics.

I am moving on to interests I had long before the first child was reported missing that caused me to go into the arena of true crime social media.

Had I known the degree to which that part of social media had sank into the morass of idiocy, I would have stayed away for the vast majority on that part of social media could give a damn about crime victims or the plight of missing and abused children. They are only interested in their own egos and with the games they play with others on the internet.

So, Mr. Olsen “the ball is in your court” as the expression goes. I am moving on, can you and your friends do the same?

Time will tell.

Stay tuned


The other Twitter account is now private and has been given a temporary username. I am now going to begin the changes in preparation for the new blog and other new websites that I will have in place with which to start the new year.

I am going to reiterate one more time that as of Midnight, Dec, 31st, I will no longer make any public mention of my haters, stalkers and trolls. I am leaving the past behind and moving on.

I will be curious to see if they can do the same.

Stay tuned


It seems that an increasing number of haters are condoning personal attacks using sock accounts. Twitter also seems not to be willing to do anything about this practice.

While I do not think this is a useful tool for dealing with debates, I can no longer see the point in engaging in an uphill battle to get people to quit making these things.

It seems that everyone is fair game and should not complain when they become the target of one or more of these things. Also since the trolls do not seem to mind using photos belonging to other people, and post counter complaints to DMCA complaints, they should not object to the use of your PERSONAL social media accounts images on hate blogs or in “satirical” posts on Twitter.

If anyone gets such a complaint about a DMCA complaint, PM me and I will send you a copy of a counter complaint someone used to keep content belonging to me on her twitter account.

Her letter will insure that NO image that is posted will be taken down.

IF anyone makes the socks, be sure to let me know. Some of them are informative and entertaining.

Stay tuned


A celebration is breaking out on a segment of the internet over the reporting of a mother who has lost the parental rights of one of her children.

Also, according to one blogger, the mother may face the loss of custody of her unborn child as well.

The reasons given by one blogger reporting on the custody dispute claims the court blamed the conduct of the mother and her new husband as well as her failure to pass a drug test.

No matter what direction that this custody case would have taken, it seems clear to me that it is the children who may have lost. The children will have to grow up in a disjointed family structure where their birth parents are at odds with each other. One child may grow up with a set of new parents or in foster care due to the alleged conduct of their parents.

All of those celebrating the custody decision that was said to have been handed down might want to think about the children caught in the middle of this parental squabble.

It is the children and their future that is more important rather than who wins or loses a parental custody case.

Stay tuned


stcpA troll that has been stalking me over the past few days is posting on Twitter some rather interesting comments regarding a Christmas toy drive that was sponsored by the Saint Cloud, Florida Police Department.

A woman living in Saint Cloud asked me to come down to stream the event live. During the toy drive, her grand daughter sat in my live truck and interacted with those who were chatting on my stream chat.

Trolls being trolls decided to barge in and ruin what would otherwise been a memorable event for the young lady and tarnish the reputation of the Saint Cloud Police department in the process.

Until that day, I never knew that there was a right way or wrong way, for a child to consume a lolly pop. Apparently the trolls have had a great deal of experience in the art of lolly pop pornography and assumed the child was engaging in lolly pop porn. I never knew there was such a thing as lolly pop porn.

The trolls continued to rant, blaming me for the child  eating a lolly pop “the wrong way” and also implied that the Santa Claus who was in the background was some kind of predator zeroing in on his next problem.

What the trolls apparently did not know is that Santa Claus was actually the then Chief of The Saint Cloud, Florida police department.

Thus the trolls either knowingly or unknowingly were accusing a respected police chief of being a pedophile.

Oh well, trolls will be trolls.

Stay tuned