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stcpA troll that has been stalking me over the past few days is posting on Twitter some rather interesting comments regarding a Christmas toy drive that was sponsored by the Saint Cloud, Florida Police Department.

A woman living in Saint Cloud asked me to come down to stream the event live. During the toy drive, her grand daughter sat in my live truck and interacted with those who were chatting on my stream chat.

Trolls being trolls decided to barge in and ruin what would otherwise been a memorable event for the young lady and tarnish the reputation of the Saint Cloud Police department in the process.

Until that day, I never knew that there was a right way or wrong way, for a child to consume a lolly pop. Apparently the trolls have had a great deal of experience in the art of lolly pop pornography and assumed the child was engaging in lolly pop porn. I never knew there was such a thing as lolly pop porn.

The trolls continued to rant, blaming me for the childĀ  eating a lolly pop “the wrong way” and also implied that the Santa Claus who was in the background was some kind of predator zeroing in on his next problem.

What the trolls apparently did not know is that Santa Claus was actually the then Chief of The Saint Cloud, Florida police department.

Thus the trolls either knowingly or unknowingly were accusing a respected police chief of being a pedophile.

Oh well, trolls will be trolls.

Stay tuned