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I suspect that the latest attacks on me had to do with the rumor that there is some sort of grand alliance between me and Deric. Umm, no there is not. I had tried to talk some sense into Deric when I saw his actions were going in a direction that he would not be able to get himself out of.

Like others I tried to give my opinions and concerns to, he did not listen and he is now in a situation of his own making.

Deric and I are certainly not friends. I cannot call us enemies either. We are two people who have had a common enemy so to speak.

People need to understand that Deric and I had a history and it was not a good one. Deric has yet to come forth and admit that the actions he took against me were wrong and based on bad information.

Because of that there can never be a complete trust and friendship between us.

Deric needs to clean up his act, not to end the stalking by his enemies but for his own good and for that of his family. He is about to become a father and he has a business to run. He needs to provide food, shelter and support for his family.

He needs to correct his past mistakes and join mainstream society. Deric should immediately disassociate himself from Anonymous. It is not a good fit for him to continue that association. He needs to find better avenues for any activism he might choose to get involved in.

Deric’s life and plight is something I am not interested in. Deric’s problems is another one of those subjects I am moving away from. I do not have a dog in the fight he finds himself in.

Stay tuned